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April 15 - CGS Resolution (added 2/6/2018)
2017 Annual Updates Session Notes (added 11/1/2017)
Admissions System Upgrade (added 09/18/2017)
Check out our GPC Network page! (added 2/21/2017)
Immigration executive order - questions and resources (updated 6/27/2017)
NEW! AppTracker 2.0!

Interested in comparing your admissions data to this time last year? Try out the new version of the Graduate School's AppTracker online tool for comparing year over year data for applications, and now admits and new enrolled students. You can also dig deeper to see data on specific categories (e.g. gender, country, etc.). AppTracker Tutorial (added 1/3/17) 

CGS Report on Holistic Admissions: The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has recently released this report on Holistic Review in Graduate Admissions. 

Annual Updates: Thank you for attending this year's Annual Updates sessions, this year we had more than 130 attendees! We will post the slides from the presentation here soon. Stay tuned! 

Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) Resource Page 

Revised process for students requiring readmission for one term in order to graduate.


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