Funding & Tuition

Funding your graduate studies

Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, grants and loans provide the most common forms of support for graduate students. Your employer may also offer tuition reimbursement. In addition to the information provided below, the Director of Graduate Studies in your program can help you find the resources you need to finance your graduate education.

Fellowships & Grants

The Graduate School administers University-wide fellowships and grants, based on academic merit (unlike a teaching assistantship or research assistantship, fellowships and grants generally do not require students to work).  Currently enrolled graduate students at the University of Minnesota may apply. Fellowships usually cover educational and living expenses, and grants usually cover expenses related to specific projects.

In addition, the Graduate Fellowship Office coordinates the application process for Fulbright Awards, and supports the University's recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Research & Teaching Assistantships

There are several ways to acquire a graduate assistantship at the University. Your department may offer you an assistantship as part of your admission and acceptance to a graduate degree program. In addition, there are other ways to find an assistantship:

  • Check departmental newsletters, bulletin boards, emails, etc., for internally posted positions
  • Visit the Employment System to search and apply for openings
  • Network with current and former professors and departments

With each posting, you will find complete application instructions. Learn more at the Graduate Assistant Employment Office.


Loans are the last type of aid for which you are considered, after gift aid and work-study. Loans are considered self-help financial aid because you must repay the money loaned to you. For more information about loans, visit One Stop Student Services.

Graduate & Professional Student Loan Comparison Chart


Your financial well-being is essential to your academic success. One Stop Student Services provides services and resources that help you understand your complete costs, the resources available to help you pay, and how to manage your money successfully on- and off-campus.