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Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship 2018-2019

The information on this website is for research-based graduate programs only.

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he Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship Program seeks to assist graduate programs to promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence. This diversity is promoted through the recruitment and support of academically excellent students with diverse ethnic, racial, economic, and educational backgrounds and experiences as suggested in the review/selection consideration list. Programs are encouraged to consider students from groups that have been underrepresented in their graduate programs.

Approximately fifteen fellowships are available. The award includes a stipend of $25,000, academic- year tuition at the general graduate rate for up to 14 credits per semester, subsidized health insurance, and dental care for the academic year and for summer 2019. Note: Fellows are responsible for all other fees or charges and tuition beyond 14 credits (general graduate rate). Graduate programs must nominate prospective students by 4:30 P.M., Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Students who wish to be nominated must contact the Director of Graduate Studies in advance. For further information please contact GSDO at 612.625.6858 or


U. S. citizens and U. S. permanent residents entering a research-based graduate program at the University of Minnesota for the first time in the 2018-2019 academic year may be nominated. Students who have already earned a terminal degree are not eligible (such as M.D., J.D., Ph.D., Ed.D. etc.). Students need not have been admitted at the time of nomination, but they must have applied and be admissible under the graduate program’s standards. Recipients must be admitted to a graduate program as a degree-seeking student by fall semester 2018. Each program may nominate up to two students.


The DOVE Fellowship, a one-year fellowship, has an approximate value of $47,000 (which includes a $25,000 stipend during the academic year, tuition and health insurance).

Nomination Process for Programs

What documentation is required?

Program nomination procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Review/Selection Criteria

An interdepartmental faculty committee reviews all nominations. Selection considerations include:

  • The extent and level of the nominee’s preparation, suitability, and high academic potential for the proposed graduate program.
  • The strength of the nominee’s goals/career statement.
  • Evidence that the nominee’s background, experiences and achievements will contribute to the University’s goal of promoting excellence through diversity
  • Evidence that the nominee has achieved academic success while overcoming substantial educational or economic obstacles
  • The nominee’s demonstrated experience with, or commitment to, serving or working with historically underserved or underprivileged populations.
  • The level of commitment by the nominating graduate program to fund the student beyond the first year and to provide support for participation in the Summer Institute as well as research and conference travel.
  • The overall effectiveness of the nominating program’s presentation.


Directors of Graduate Studies will be notified, in writing, by the early March 2018. Nominees will hear of the result from their DGS.

Award Policy
    • Duplicate Awards - Recipients may not hold concurrently a second fellowship, scholarship, grant, or similar award that duplicates the benefits of the Fellowship.
    • Terms of Award - Recipients will be expected to be enrolled full time (6-14 credits) each semester while maintaining a minimum 3.50 GPA. Fellowships may not be renewed or deferred, nor may they be used to supplement other full-support awards. The DOVE Fellowship is a non-service award.
    • Supplementation - Recipients may hold a supplemental appointment not to exceed the monetary equivalent of a twenty-five percent (25%) graduate assistantship or other employment not exceeding ten hours per week in either semester.

Program Support for DOVE Fellows:

The Graduate School views this fellowship program as a partnership with graduate programs in recruiting and supporting outstanding students. Graduate programs will:

  • Provide continuing support for their successful nominees for the duration of their graduate work, at the level of support normally provided for their best students - such as a half-time teaching or research assistantship - subject to satisfactory progress and performance;
  • Provide a $4,000 stipend for DOVE fellow participation in the Summer Institute experience. Please note that participation in the Summer Institute by the DOVE fellow is optional and not a condition of accepting the award. Should the student elect to participate, the graduate program receiving the DOVE will cover the cost of the stipend ($4,000) for the DOVE fellow and provide an appropriate research or educational experience for the summer.
  • Commit a minimum of $1,000 to support the participation of the DOVE fellow in research/conference travel.

McNair Scholar/ DOVE Fellowship:

The Graduate School of the University of Minnesota has designated at least two of its Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowships to be awarded to McNair Scholars. McNair Scholars are ideal candidates for the DOVE Fellowship as they meet the DOVE Fellowship definition of diversity of views and experiences. The award includes a stipend, tuition at general graduate rates (up to 14 credits per semester), and subsidized health insurance for one academic year.

Travel Award Funds (for DOVE Fellowship Nominees)

GSDO  has limited funds - up to $400 of transportation expenses only - to assist with the expense of bringing DOVE Fellowship nominees to campus for a visit. Request from programs should be made before mid-March, and visit must take place no later than April 15th.