Policies & Governance

Policies Governing Graduate Education

 In 2010, the University Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) charged a Graduate School Policy Review Committee to review and update existing graduate education policies that were previously found in a variety of formats, including the Graduate School catalog and constitution.  The committee completed its work in spring 2012.   Graduate education policies will continue to be developed and reviewed under the purview of the vice provost and dean of graduate education, in consultation with faculty, staff and student stakeholders.  Please contact gepolicy@umn.edu with questions or for more information.

New or Revised University-wide Graduate Education Policies:

Adding, Changing, or Discontinuing Academic Plans

Admission for Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Application of Graduate Credits to Degree Requirements (effective Fall 2011 through Summer 2018)

Information about Application of Credits for Students Earning Graduate Degrees (effective Fall 2018)

Appointments to Graduate Examination Committees

Appointments as Director of Graduate Studies

Course Numbering -- under revision

Credit Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degree: Performance Standards and Progress

Doctoral Degree: Completion

Grading and Transcripts -- under revision

Leave of Absence and Reinstatement

Master's Degree: Performance Standards and Progress

Master's Degree: Completion 

Post-baccalaureate Certificate Plans Approved by the Board of Regents

Readmission or Changes to Doctoral or Master's Degree Objectives

University-Administered Graduate Student Fellowships and Traineeships