2015 Doctoral Research Showcase Presenters

Doctoral Dissertation Fellows:

Rohini Bala Chandran
Mechanical Engineering
Transport and Chemical Processes in a Solar Reactor to Produce Synthesis Gas from Carbon Dioxide and Water
Advisor: Jane Davidson

Chaoyun Bao
Method to Separate Inflationary Signal in the Cosmic Microwave Background from Galactic Contamination
Advisor: Shaul Hanany

Jordan Becker
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Composite PCNA Ubiquitination Patterns in DNA Replication Mutants
Advisor: Anja Bielinsky

Erin Casey
Child Psychology
Executive Function Training in Preschoolers: Examining Potential Moderators
Co-Advisors: Ann Masten and Stephanie Carlson

Shinho Cho
Computational Mechanisms Underlying Material Perception
Co-Advisors: Daniel Kersten and Sheng He

Sung Choi Yoo
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
Three Essays on The Causes and Consequences of Hospital Financial Performance
Co-Advisors: Roger Feldman and Jeffrey McCullough

Christine Crosby
Earth Sciences
Investigating the Role of Microorganisms in the Formation of Phosphorites – In the Rock Record and through Experimental Apatite Precipitation
Advisor: Jake Bailey

Samuel Dalsin
Chemical Engineering
Synthesis, Properties, and Thermodynamics of Polyolefin-Based Bottlebrush Polymers
Co-Advisors: Frank Bates and Marc Hillmyer

Joseph DeWilde
Chemical Engineering
Site Requirements and Mechanism of Ethanol Dehydration and Dehydrogenation on Acedic Catalysts
Advisor: Aditya Bhan

Caroline Diep
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Progesterone Receptor Signaling in Ovarian Cancer Cell Senescence
Advisor: Carol Lange

Micheal DiVito
Mechanical Engineering
Design and Development of Silica-collagen Hydrogel for Corneal Replacement
Advisor: Allison Hubel

Kathryn Droske
Bodies of Correspondence in Contemporary Québec
Advisor: Eileen Sivert

Ahmed Eldawy
Computer Science
SpatialHadoop: A MapReduce Framework for Spatial Data
Advisor: Mohamed Mokbel

Ashley English
Political Science
Implementing Inequality: Creating Women’s Interests in the Rulemaking Process
Advisor: Kathryn Pearson

Laura Felice
Plant Pathology
The Role of Soil Nutrients in the Development of Disease Suppressive Soils
Co-Advisors: Linda Kinkel and Ruth Dill-Macky

Bonnie Gidzak
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Atomics for the Millions: Atomic Science Education 1945-1958
Advisor: Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Davide Giannuzzi
Civil Engineering
Braced Ductile Shear Panel: A New Seismic Resistant Dissipative Bracing System
Advisor: Roberto Ballarini

Gilbert Gonzales
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage on LGBT Health and Access to Health Care
Advisor: Lynn Blewett

Emily Hagens
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Communities of Healing: Gender, Domestic Medicine, and Society in 16th-Century Italy
Advisor: Jole Shackelford

Leah Hakkola
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Shifting the Lens: A Critical Examination of Diversity Discourses in College Recruiting
Advisor: Rebecca Ropers-Huilman

Rachel Hillmer
Plant Biological Sciences
Reconstructing Resistance: Building Data-driven Mathematical Models of a Plant Immune Signaling Network
Advisor: Fumiaki Katagiri

Chase Hobbs-Morgan
Political Science
Greenhouse Democracy: Indigenous and Democratic Contributions to Climate Change Politics
Advisor: Joan Tronto

Amanda Hodel
Child Psychology
Prefrontal Cortex Development following Variations in Early Life Experience: Cognitive and Neural Correlates
Advisor: Kathleen Thomas

Zhen Huo
Essays in Macroeconomics
Advisor: Jose Victor Rios-Rull

Katherine Hurley
Development of Mesoporous Silica and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as a Combined Theranostic Platform: Utilizing the Power of Rust and Sand at the Nanoscale
Advisor: Christy Haynes

William Isley
Factors Affecting Recognition and Chemical Reactivity at the Macromolecular Scale
Advisor: Christopher Cramer

Gabriela Jaramillo
Heterogeneities and Defects in Spatially Extended Systems
Advisor: Arnd Scheel

Elizabeth Koch
Computer Science
Examining Trends of Yeast Genetic Interactions beyond the Reference Network
Advisor: Chad Myers

Dimitrios Kottas
Computer Science
Indoor Localization for Mobile Devices
Advisor: Stergios Roumeliotis

Nicolaas Kramer
Mechanical Engineering
Versatile Nanocrystal Inks for Printable and Flexible Electronics
Advisor: Uwe Kortshagen

Peter Krenzke
Mechanical Engineering
Evaluation of the Nonstoichiometric Ceria Cycle with Methane-driven Reduction
Advisor: Jane Davidson

Shailabh Kumar
Biomedical Engineering
Nanohole Array Biosensors for Improved Analyte Transport and Biological Integration
Advisor: Sang-Hyun Oh

Elbek Kurbanov
Medicinal Chemistry
Computational, Synthetic, Biochemical and X-ray Crystallographic Methods for Anthrax Toxin Lethal Factor (LF) Inhibitor Design
Advisor: Elizabeth Amin

Patrick Laine
The Living Mind
Co-Advisors: Naomi Scheman and Alan Love

Sean Landman
Computer Science
Computational Techniques for Detecting and Analyzing Genetic Mutations in Tumors
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Haiming Liu
Rehabilitation Science
Identify the Differences between LMP7-/-/MECL1-/- Knockout Mice and Wild Type Mice (frail mice)
Advisor: LaDora Thompson

Ankit Mahajan
Materials Science and Engineering
New Approaches for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Flexible Electronics
Co-Advisors: C. Daniel Frisbie and Lorraine Francis

Yelena Markelova
Applied Economics
The Price is Right: Examining Demand for Medical Care in the Presence of Deductibles
Co-Advisors: Roger Feldman and John Nyman

Si Ahn Mehng
Business Administration
When Physical Attractiveness Does Not Benefit: Perceptions of Warmth and Competence, Emotions, and Job Behaviors
Co-Advisors: Michelle Duffy and Lisa Leslie

Mehak Mehta
Role of Water on Molecular Mobility and Physical Instability of Amorphous State
Advisor: Raj Suryanarayanan

Liza Meredith
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Online Stress Management Program for At-risk Community College Students
Advisor: Patricia Frazier

Claudia Moreno
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Flight Control for Highly Flexible Aircraft
Advisor: Gary Balas

Narges Noori
Computer Science
Search and Pursuit-evasion Problems
Advisor: Volkan Isler

Sarah North
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Understanding Students' Self-Regulation in Online Learning
Advisor: Cassandra Scharber

Christine O'Connell
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
The Environmental Costs of an Agricultural Amazonia: Investigating the Effects of Increased Agricultural Production on Key Ecological Variables in the Amazon
Co-Advisors: Jon Foley and Steve Polasky

Sarah Offutt
Biomedical Engineering
The Inferior Colliculus: A Target for Deep Brain Stimulation for Tinnitus Suppression
Advisor: Hubert Lim

Kyle Olson
Electrical Engineering
High Power Laser Heating and Damage of Ultra-low Absorption Optics and the Effects of Particulates
Advisor: Joey Talghader

Adam Peterson
Non-perturbative Defects in Condensed Matter Systems and their Relation to High Energy Physics
Advisor: Mikhail Shifman

Clio Pitula
Child Psychology
The Impact of Early Deprivation on the Development of Childhood Socio-emotional Functioning and Stress Neurobiology
Advisor: Megan Gunnar

Ana Poets
Applied Plant Sciences
The Genetic Provenance of Barley Domestication and Environmental Association
Advisor: Peter Morrell

Tanner Prestegard
Searching for Astrophysical Sources of Long-lasting Gravitational-wave Signal
Advisor: Vuk Mandic

Mayank Puri
Evaluating the Reactivity and Oxygen-Atom Exchange Kinetics of High-Valent Iron-oxo Compounds
Advisor: Lawrence Que

Vincent Quenneville-Belair
Using Computer Simulations to Design a New Telescope that Sees Gravity
Advisor: Douglas Arnold

Debashree Ray
Statistical Modeling of Multimarker-trait Association in Genome-Wilde Association Studies
Advisor: Saonli Basu

Jack Rossbach
Firm Volatility and Long-run Growth
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Kanika Sachdev
Measurement of Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillation with NOvA Experiment
Co-Advisors: Dan Cronin-Hennessy and Gregory Pawloski

Hamed Samavat
Effects of Green Tea Extract on Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Risk
Advisor: Mindy Kurzer

Nicole Scott
Cognitive Science
Cognitive and Neural Correlates of Encoding Spatial Relations
Co-Advisors: Maria Sera and Apostolos Georgopoulos

Eric Severson
Electrical Engineering
Bearingless Machine Design for Distributed Flywheel Energy Storage
Advisor: Ned Mohan

Qi Shao
Biomedical Engineering
Tissue Oxygen Imaging by Photoacoustic Lifetime
Advisor: Shai Ashkenazi

Dinesh Shenoy
Studying the Circumstellar Environments of Hypergiant Stars
Advisor: Terry Jones

Junliang Tong
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
Influence of Patient and Provider Characteristics on the Use of Non-recommended Medical Procedures
Advisor: Bryan Dowd

Benjamin Tutolo
Earth Sciences
The Role of Geochemistry in the Creation and Destruction of Porosity and Permeability in Geologic Systems
Co-Advisors: Martin Saar and William Seyfried

Josh Vanderhook
Computer Science
Coordination Algorithms for Mobile Robotic Tracking
Advisor: Volkan Isler

Pragya Verma
Quantum Chemistry of Metal-organic Frameworks
Advisor: Donald Truhlar

Ningyuan Wang
Understanding Auditory Context Effects and Their Implications
Advisor: Andrew Oxenham

Xu Wang
Manifolds Searching and Clustering: A Intrinsic Treatment
Advisor: Gilad Lerman

Marjorie Webb
The Relationship of Resting Cardiopulmonary Function to Maximal and Submaximal Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Older Patients with Heart Failure
Advisor: Diane Treat-Jacobson

Alexa Weingarden
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Mechanisms of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation as a Treatment for Clostridium difficile Infection
Co-Advisors: Michael Sadowsky and Alexander Khoruts

Courtney Wells
Social Work
Well-being Amidst Disease: A Narrative Analysis of Growing Up with Rheumatic Conditions
Advisor: Helen Kivnick

Darin Wiesner
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
The Induction and Suppression of Allergic T Cell Responses to Pulmonary Fungal Infection
Co-Advisors: Kirsten Nielsen and Paul Bohjanen

Judy Wu-Smart
Effects of Neonicotinyl Insecticides on Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) and Bumble Bee (Bombus impatiens) Queen Behavior and Colony Development
Advisor: Marla Spivak

Dandan Xu
Chemical Engineering
Growth Mechanism Study on Hierarchical Zeolites Made by Rotational Intergrowths
Advisor: Michael Tsapatsis

Amy Young
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Closing the Achievement Gap Through Two-way Immersion Education
Co-Advisors: Diane Tedick and Tara Fortune

Xin Zhang
Materials Science and Engineering
Pyrite Iron Disulfide Homojunction Thin Film Solar Cells
Co-Advisors: Chris Leighton and Eray Aydil

Yunlong Zou
Materials Science and Engineering
Interfaces in Organic Photovoltaic Cells and Their Impact on Open-circuit Voltage
Advisor: Russell Holmes

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows:

John Berini
Conservation Biology
Advisor: James Forester
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Montgomery
“Climate Cascade: Linking Temperature, Phytochemistry, and Vertebrate Demographics”

Jenalee Doom
Child Psychology
Advisor: Megan Gunnar
Research Center: Center for Neurobehavioral Development
Faculty Mentors: Michael Georgieff & Andy Barnes
“Promoting Mental and Physical Health Following Early Life Adversity”

Farideh Fazayeli
Computer Science
Advisor: Arindam Banerjee
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentors: Peter Reich & Jens Kattge
“Machine Learning Models for Plant Trait Analysis”

Carrie Henning-Smith
Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
Advisors: Tetyana Shippee & Donna McAlpine
Research Center: Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentors: Phyllis Moen & Ben Capistrant
“Disability and Living Arrangements in Later Life”

Matthew Luttig
Political Science
Advisors: Howard Lavine & Chris Federico
Research Center: Center for the Study of Political Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Paul Goren
“Political Polarization and the Development of Partisan Group-Centrism”

Jim Saliba
Advisors: Ron Aminzade & Rob Warren
Research Center: Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentor: Joe Soss
“Power, Race, and Equity: Governance Structure Changes and K-12 Educational Opportunity in the United States”

Majory Silisyene
Natural Resources Science & Management
Advisors: Deborah Levison & Karlyn Eckman
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Steven Manson
“The Role of Community Level Environmental Information on Individual Decision Making in Forest Resources Management”

Molly Tun
Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics
Advisors: Luis Ramos-Garcia & Nicholas Spadaccini
Research Center: Center for Early Modern History
Faculty Mentors: JB Shank & Sarah Chambers
“Articulations of Colonial Counting: Literary and Numeric Discourse in Early Modern Andean Accounts”

Elizabeth Williams
Advisors: Anna Clark & Patricia Lorcin
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Jigna Desai
“White Man's Country: Discourses of Race, Sexuality, and Indigeneity in Colonial Kenya, 1900-1960”