Interdisciplinary Commons: May 1, 2015

Interdisciplinary Commons

Articulating Your Interdisciplinary Research Interests – in Writing and Speaking (Part II)

Friday, May 1, 1 - 3 p.m. | Location: 140 Nolte Center


While all scholars need to be able to talk about their research in clear and compelling ways, the nature of interdisciplinary research and teaching multiplies the number of audiences a scholar needs to consider in shaping writing, presentations, and conversations.  Our listeners – be they hiring committees, networks of academic colleagues or classrooms with our students – need to understand our work.  For interdisciplinary researchers preparing for job searches, conference presentations, professional networking and grant opportunities, this requires message-honing based on analysis of audience, context, task and purpose in a given setting.  
In these workshop sessions, participants will focus on the development of spoken and written interdisciplinary research statements.  Each session will include interactive presentations, mock interview and scholarly networking role plays, discussion of individual job search scenarios, and attention to writing practice guidelines, coaching and feedback.
If you have begun creating job search materials including research statements, teaching philosophies or CVs, please bring these dossier materials to the workshop session – whether brand new drafts, twice-revised versions, or audience-specific iterations, whether in electronic or print formats.

Workshop Facilitator:

Ilene D. Alexander, Education Specialist, Center for Educational Innovation


Research Statements - PowerPoint
Research Statements - Examples
Job Search in Academe (.pdf)


(Registration for both parts is recommended but not required.)

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