Interdisciplinary Commons: November 7, 2014

Interdisciplinary Commons

Information resources and strategies to support your interdisciplinary dissertation research

Friday, November 7, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. | Location:  125 Nolte Center (Nolte Library)

  • Gordon Anderson, University Libraries; Liaison Librarian for Medieval & Modern European Studies -- Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Kim Clarke, University Libraries; Liaison Librarian for Communication Studies, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, Work & Human Resources Education
  • Megan Kocher, University Libraries; Liaison Librarian for Animal Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Soil, Water, & Climate
  • Jonathan Koffel, University Libraries; Liaison Librarian for Clinical & Translational Science, Medicine

Working in interdisciplinary arenas presents extra challenges for identifying relevant prior research to inform the work and produce that all-important literature review. Designing a broad yet targeted search requires choosing resources with appropriate scope, creating effective ways to mine those resources, and figuring out how to manage the results. In this session, a panel of librarians specializing in interdisciplinary subjects across a wide variety of fields will share their recommendations for tools, databases, and strategies for finding good information around interdisciplinary research topics. Ample time for Q&A with the panelists will follow in a casual atmosphere.

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