Interdisciplinary Commons: October 24, 2014

Interdisciplinary Commons

Perspectives on Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Work:

What is it? Why Do It? What Factors Help Ensure Success?

Friday, October 24, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. | Location:  125 Nolte Center (Nolte Library)

  • Lars Christensen, PhD Candidate; Music; College of Liberal Arts
  • Lucy Dunne, Associate Professor; Design, Housing, and Apparel; College of Design
  • Susan Jones, Professor; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; College of Biological Sciences
  • Michael Oakes, Associate Professor; Epidemiology; School of Public Health
  • Holley Wlodarczyk, Lecturer; Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature; College of Liberal Arts

Why engage in interdisciplinary or collaborative research and scholarly work?  What makes it interdisciplinary or collaborative?  What are the challenges?  The rewards?  What skills are helpful or necessary to ensure success in working across disciplines?

Discovering solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems requires collaborating across disciplines, often applying different methodologies and engaging multiple perspectives.  Similarly, looking through different disciplinary lenses at what we believe to be known or common can up-end our thinking and lead to new insights and ways of imagining both the past and the future.  And, interdisciplinary work seems to be the norm, as evidenced by the expectations of many funding agencies and external sponsors, who now require grant proposals to have an interdisciplinary approach.   In this session, a panel of faculty, and current  and recent graduate students, with experience working in interdisciplinary contexts and/or with collaborative teams will share their insights to help explain how working across disciplines and in collaborative ways can contribute to your scholarly and professional development and to success as an interdisciplinary scholar/researcher.  Ample time for Q&A with the panelists will follow in a casual atmosphere.


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