Inquiry on Sustainable Operations


We aim to study the means by which organizations can achieve sustainability (in the broad sense: ecological, economic, social) by studying the characteristics of and the means by which organizational operations can be made sustainable. Accordingly, we will focus our research on two broad and comprehensive aspects of operations processes: (1) the decision chain, which involves the setting of organizational objectives and the detailed design of processes and their management, with particular attention to the product life-cycle design, and process strategy and design, and (2) the supply chain: which maps the in- and out-flow of goods, funds, data, information, and resources (human and material) from their separate origins to their ultimate destinations, and accounts for every effect at each step of the way.

Investigation into the attributes and effects of alternative forms of these factors of operations on the fulfillment of an organization’s objectives and on the external economic, social, and natural environments necessarily requires knowledge and assessment from virtually every field of inquiry. It is thus a certainty that research in the sustainability of operations will include deep and ample perspectives from many disciplines, and, conversely, that research in fields such as economics, engineering, the natural and social sciences, and agriculture will of necessity have to be framed within the concept of sustainability and sustainable organizations. 


The primary contact for this group is Emmanuel U. Enemuoh (UMD Mechanical/Industrial Engineering).





Nikhil Acharya

UMD Mechanical/Industrial Engineering (MIE)

Richard P. Axler


Geoff Bell

UMD Management Studies (MgtS)

Pat Borchert

UMD Management Studies (MgtS)

Valerie Brady

UMD MN Sea Grant

Steve Castleberry

UMD Marketing (MKT)

Manjit Dhatt

UMD Finance and Management Information Sciences (FMIS)

  Emmanuel Enemuoh*

UMD Mechanical/Industrial Engineering (MIE)

Tom Ferguson

UMD Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Donald Fosnacht


Ken Gilbertson


Mindy Granley

UMD Sustainability Coordinator UMD Facilities Management

Nik Hassan

UMD Finance and Management Information Sciences (FMIS)

Sue Janssen

UMD Sociology (SOC)

Lucinda Johnson


Kjell Knudsen

UMD Management Studies (MgtS) and Dean, LSBE

Eric Kyper

School of Business, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA

Dahui Li

UMD Finance and Management Information Sciences (FMIS)

Mike Mageau

UMD Geography/Environmental Studies (GEOG/ES)

Christopher McIntosh

UMD Economics (ECON)

Jennifer Mencl

UMD Management Studies (MgtS)

Gerald Niemi

UMD Nat Resources Research Institute (NRRI) and UMD Biology (BIOL)

Charles Patti

School of Business, University of Denver, Denver, CO

Henry Person

UMD Finance and Management Information Sciences (FMIS)

Jon Pierce

UMD Management Studies (MgtS)

Alan Roline

UMD Accounting (ACCT)

Ryan Rosandich

UMD Mechanical/Industrial Engineering (MIE)

David Syring

UMD Sociology/Anthropology (SOC/ANTH)

Bedassa Tadesse

UMD Economics (ECON)

Okechuckwu Ukaga*

UM Extension Service

Shee Wong

UMD Finance and Management Information Sciences (FMIS)

*Denotes Group Coordinator