Sexuality Studies 


This interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students brings together their collective experiences, epistemologies, cultures and diverse perspectives from across the disciplines and colleges in an effort to better understand the social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, and political contexts in which human sexualities have been and are currently being expressed and theorized.   This is an advanced discussion group focusing on the relation of gender and sexuality to structures of power and inequality.  Our mission is to advance interdisciplinary teaching, research and advocacy in Sexuality Studies, as well as to promote sexual literacy, sexual well-being and social justice.  Our goals include but are not limited to: promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative discussions and research; to provide a rich environment for graduate students from across the university to think through their projects in dialogue with experienced researchers; to supplement the educational experiences and training of graduate students interested in sexuality studies; to foster an atmosphere that is increasingly open to and excited about research addressing sexuality, gender, and GLBTQ  sociopolitical issues; to enhance and complement the educational missions of various departments and colleges; to investigate the ways that sexuality is shaped by social roles and intersecting or overlapping identities based on race, gender, dis(ability), nationality and socioeconomic class; and to enhance and enrich the students’ regular curriculum opportunities by exposing them to expertise in a truly interdisciplinary forum that will position them to compete on the academic job market or in professional fields where such training is vital.

The proposed activities would provide a forum for graduate students from across the disciplines to interact with an interdisciplinary group of faculty members–many of whom they might not otherwise have a chance to meet, especially if they are working in non-interdisciplinary programs.  As sexuality studies transcends the boundaries of single disciplines and colleges, we expect to draw in students from across the university.  Because these issues and scholarly inquiries have global implications, it is important for students to have a strong interdisciplinary background from which to address questions around citizenship and the role of sexuality in determining varying relationships to power that influence not just our personal but also our social, economic and political lives.  Because expressions of sexuality differ across cultures, time and space it is imperative that students learn to carefully analyze the nature and effects of sexualities and socializations in order to produce new research instruments, theories, and practices. Clearly, the impact of such scholarship is or will be important in almost every academic discipline in universities around the globe


The primary contact for this group is Regina Kunzel (Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies),





Lisa Albrecht

School of Social Work

Ryan Cartwright

American Studies

Anna Clark


Kale Fajardo


Rod Ferguson

American Studies

Regina Kunzel


Abram J. Lewis

American Studies

Rebecca Moskow


Kevin Murphy


Karla Padron


N'Jai-An Patters



Jesus Estrada Perez

American Studies

Jessica Petocz


Anne Phibbs

GLBTA Office

Jennifer Pierce

American Studies

Thomas Sarmiento

American Studies

Omise'eke Tinsley


Eden Torres

Chicano Studies,GWSS

David Valentine


Jacquelyn Zita