Networks in Biology and Bioengineering


The Networks in Biology and Bioengineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Group (“Networks Working Group” for short) will bring together researchers interested in the behavior of complex, interacting systems across biology and bioengineering. The mission of group is to create an intellectual environment in which faculty and students studying all varieties of networks—e.g., neural, fiber, genetic, metabolic, and vascular networks—that arise in biological systems can interact synergistically and can advance their research individually and collectively.  By bringing together a wide range of researchers from across UMN, the Networks Working Group will create an optimal environment for research in the area of network behavior.  One intended outcome of the group’s activities is submission of an NIH and/or NSF training grant proposal.


The primary contact is Victor Barocas (Department of Biomedical Engineering;  The other member of the leadership team is Tay Netoff (Department of Biomedical Engineering;


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