The members of this group are interested in the theories and practice of design that can inform and affect the ways we understand and structure our material world. The group is interested in the broad scope effects and applications of the design process and the resulting designed artifacts. The group is interested in continuing to develop strategies for building a product design program and in developing new interdisciplinary teaching and research methods to incorporate design thinking into programs in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and the Carlson School of Management.


The primary contact for this group is Will Durfee (Department of Mechanical Engineering). Karen LaBat (Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel) and Marilyn Delong (Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel) are also members of the leadership team.  For more information, visit the website.





Marilyn DeLong

College of Design

Will Durfee

Mechanical Engineering

Karen LaBat

Design Housing & Apparel

Brad Hokanson

Design Housing & Apparel

Marc Swackhamer

College of Design

Lucy Dunne

College of Design

Blaine Brownell

School of Architecture

Art Erdman

Mechanical Engineering

Gary Meyer

Computer Sci./Eng.

Ed Joyce

Carlson School of Management

Caroline Hayes

Mechanical Engineering