Critical Race & Ethnic Studies


The University of Minnesota is recognized nationally as an important locus for African American and African, American Indian, Chicano, and Asian American Studies. This group draws on the expertise and interests of those departments, but also brings in scholars from across the disciplines similarly interested in the interdisciplinary and critical study of US Race and Ethnic studies with an awareness of the global context in which power operates. This group is designed for students seeking more formal recognition of their interests in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and/or training in this growing area of study. We offer students a focused study of the history, politics, and cultures of American Indian, African Americans and peoples of African diaspora, Chicanos/Chicanas, and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as well as an opportunity for a more in-depth exploration of the rich and transformative intellectual traditions of ethnic studies than is normally possible in the classroom alone. The scholarly programming for the group is designed to help students explore the diversity of these communities, their relations with one another, differently intersecting and overlapping histories, and the history and present conditions of racial formation in local, national, and global contexts through the expressed interests of our membership. It also seeks to improve the level of mentorship and professionalization for graduate students through writing workshops with selected faculty and invited visiting scholars.


The primary contacts for this group are Eden Torres, Rashaan Mahadeo, and Rene Esparza.


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