Boreas Leadership Program


The Boreas Leadership Program trains and develops the next generation of world changers to catalyze social and environmental solutions.  Boreas offers co-curricular leadership development opportunities that build on the strengths of graduate education to create effective change agents. Boreas is run by the Institute on the Environment, a cross-university institute working on discovery and leadership development to contribute to progress on environmental solutions.

Boreas offers a regular schedule of leadership skills workshop and networking opportunities designed to complement learning in regular graduate training. These opportunities are flexible and offered at no cost to UMN graduate students. Graduate students from any discipline can take advantage of Boreas programming opportunities, and the program has worked with students from all over campus. Learn more at


The primary contact for this group is Kate Knuth (Institute on the Environment;  Leadership team members are Lewis Gilbert (Institute on the Environment;, Sarah Hobbie (Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior;, and Kathy Quick (Humphrey School of Public Affairs;


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