Imaging Nanostructures


The “Imaging Nanostructures” Interdisciplinary Graduate Group will work toward establishing a Graduate Minor program (tentatively titled Nanostructure Imaging) that provides integrative classroom and instrument training for graduate students to use complementary imaging and correlative techniques.  These techniques, available in the University’s Characterization Facility, dynamically probe the chemical and physical properties of natural and synthetic materials across the nanometer and micrometer scales. Our approach is transformative in that, for the first time, we will provide opportunity and structure for the early PhD student to undertake systematic, concentrated study and training of a wide range of advanced nanoimaging techniques and applications. This experience will better prepare the student to make effective choices for research and will instill an integrative approach that will enhance career-long contributions to science as techniques continue to evolve quickly. The curriculum of the Graduate Minor will be team-taught by faculty in the Institute of Technology, the College of Biological Sciences, and the Academic Health Center. This program will provide opportunities for national and international activities through exchange programs and for outreach to small colleges, underrepresented groups, and K-12 students.


The primary contact for this group is Alon McCormick (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science). Additional members of the leadership team are R. Lee Penn (Department of Chemistry) and Josh Feinberg (Department of Geology and Geophysics).





Jimping Dong

Characterization Facility

Joshua M. Feinberg

Geology and Geophysics

Lorraine Francis

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

William W. "Bill" Gerberich

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Greg Haugstad

Characterization Facility

Efrosini "Efie" Kokkoli

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Richard "Dick" Linck

Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development

Tim Lodge

Chemistry and CEMS

K. Andre Mkhoyan

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Alon McCormick

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

R. Lee Penn


Mark A. Sanders

College of Biological Sciences Imaging Center

Guillermo Sapiro

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Frank Snowden

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Ozan Ugurlu

Characterization Facility

Martin Wessendorg


Wei Zhang

Institute for Molecular Virology, and Characterization Facility