Policy Review Committee

In 2010, the University Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP), charged a Graduate School Policy Review Committee to review and update existing graduate education policies that were previously found in a variety of formats, including the Graduate School catalog and constitution.  Associate professor Nita Krevans chaired the committee, which included several other faculty members and staff representatives from the Provost's office, University Policy Office, Graduate School, Council of Graduate Students, and Academic Support Resources. The committee began meeting in July 2010, assembling a list of topics that should be considered while reviewing existing policy content, as well as identifying where new policies might need to be developed.  The committee completed its work in spring 2012.

 Policy drafts under development were presented to several key stakeholder groups, including the Graduate Education Council (GEC), the Registrar's Advisory Committee (RAC), the collegiate representatives for graduate education, and the interdisciplinary collegiate representatives for graduate education. The formal review and approval process included the SCEP, the Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC), the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), and the President's Policy Committee (PPC).  Following approval by PPC, each policy was subject to a 30-day public comment period, revised accordingly based on feedback during the comment period, and published in the Policy Library.