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Africa Development Center
1931 South 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55454

African Development Center (ADC) is a culturally based economic development organization whose primary constituency is Pan-African immigrants and refugees who seek to become economically self-sufficient. The organization's mission is to work within the African communities in Minnesota to start and sustain successful businesses, build assets, and promote community reinvestment.


African American Relief and Development Initiative
1806 Riverside Ave., Ste #3
Minneapolis, MN, 55454

The mission of this organization is to promote human, socio-economic, and community development by strengthening the leadership and management of African refugee- and immigrant-serving organizations. Services include organizational capacity building, leadership development, social capital ventures, government relations, resource planning, grant reporting, financial planning, and legal compliance.

African American

African Credit Educational and Financial Agency
3010 Hennepin Ave. S.#142
Minneapolis, MN, 55404
Phone: 612-813-0501
Fax: 612-871-4977

The African Credit Educational and Financial Agency specializes in assisting the African community in Minnesota to understand the U.S. financial system and become self-reliant residents and active consumers. The organization also assists other clients who are not African to establish a good credit rating.


American Indian Community Development Corporation
1404 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN, 55404

The mission of the American Indian Community Development Corporation (AICDC) is to provide culturally unique initiatives, housing, and entrepreneurial programs that strengthen American Indian communities.

American Indian

American Indian Economic Development Fund 831 Como Ave.
St. Paul, MN, 55103

American Indian Economic Development Fund assists American Indians by being a catalyst for the development of entrepreneurial activities and acting as a gap financier for projects that have positive economic potential.

American Indian

Ann Bancroft Foundation
808 14th Avenue S.E.
Minneapolis, MN, 55414

The Ann Bancroft Foundation supports girls and women to realize their highest dreams and potential. The Foundation endeavors to live this mission by recognizing individual achievement and by promoting initiatives that inspire courage, risk-taking, integrity and individuality in girls and women.

Women and Children

Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota
1821 University Ave. W., Ste. S-339
St. Paul, MN, 55401

The mission of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota is to promote and advocate for Asian American businesses of Minnesota. Member benefits include networking, marketing, and professional development opportunities; access to local, state, national, and international decision makers; referrals through contacts with other member businesses; assistance with grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and other business celebrations; and import/export opportunities through contacts with international trade delegates.


Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation
774 University Ave
St. Paul, MN, 55104

Established in 1980, ASANDC began as a community watch, and crime prevention group. Today ASANDC hosts a variety of social, economic housing, and commerical development programs for Summit-University residents of all ages.


Business & Community Economic Development--U of MN
2221 University Avenue SE, Suite 136
Minneapolis, MN, 55414

BCED is a social enterprise whose goal is to leverage the assets and resources of the University to create programs and services that provide innovative solutions to real-world social-economic problems that impact urban communities. More importantly BCED is a critical component of the University’s public service and outreach mission and its work is designed to drive economic and community development strategies that support the University’s Urban Agenda.


Centre for Asians and Pacific Islanders (CAPI)
3702 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55406

CAPI is a community-based social justice organization and a direct implementer of anti-poverty programs to create jobs, housing, food, health education, youth and senior social services. Through these direct services CAPI promotes economic independence, self-advocacy, and determination of 3,000 African and Asian refugees and immigrants, annually.

African, Asian

City of Lakes Community Land Trust
2017 E. 38th St.
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

The City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) is a nonprofit, community-based organization that works to provide permanently affordable homeownership for people who cannot afford homes for sale on the real estate market. By providing greater housing security, CLCLT allows residents to benefit from stable monthly payments, security from eviction, and the opportunity to build equity through homeownership.


Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
3451 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

LEA works with Latino residents and businesses in the Corcoran, Powderhorn, and Longfellow neighborhoods. LEA offers a range of services and resources to build cohesive and inclusive communities. Organizing efforts promote healthy lifestyles through athletic, art and cultural, and community events programming.


Great Neighborhoods! Development Corporation 1113 E. Franklin Ave., Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN, 55404

The mission of Great Neighborhoods! Development Corporation is to advance economic opportunity for underserved communities by creating vibrant commercial destinations in resurgent Minneapolis neighborhoods.


Grotto Foundation
5323 Lakeland Ave. N., Ste. 100
Minneapolis, MN, 55429

The mission of the Grotto Foundation, Inc., is to improve the education and the economic, physical, and social well-being of citizens, with a special focus on families and culturally diverse groups. The Foundation is further interested in increasing public understanding of American cultural heritage, the cultures of nations, and the individual's responsibility to fellow human beings.


Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)

One of the regional HERCs primary functions is to maintain regional, web-based search engines that include listings for all job openings, both faculty and staff, at all member institutions. The services at the websites are available at no charge to anyone seeking employment in higher education.


Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association, Inc.
1718 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411-3425

The Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association provides employment, children/youth services, crime prevention activities, mediation advocacy, housing, and business/economic development to the Hmong American community.

Asian, Hmong

India Association of Minnesota (IAM)
P.O. Box 130158
St.Paul, MN, 55113

IAM seeks to build a sense of identity and community among people who are of Indian origin or who have an interest in India. People of Indian origin represent a significant part of the population of Minnesota, and their number has been growing steadily. From a socio-economic point of view, the Indian community is a highly educated and fairly prosperous group.


International Leadership Institute
5021 S. Vernon Ave. PMB 136
Minneapolis, MN, 55436

The International Leadership Institute was established in 1994 to increase and strengthen international interchange and understanding between Minnesota and the world, with the goal of empowering communities of color by promoting leadership, justice, peace, and democracy.


L.I.F.E.! Partners in Progress, Inc.
600 18th Ave. N., #229 E.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411
Phone: 612-345-4758

L.I.F.E.! Partners in Progress, Inc., is a community-based nonprofit organization having as part of its mission a commitment to those who have no voice--children, the elderly, and the disadvantaged. L.I.F.E.! Partners' primary areas of involvement are education, social services, and community development.


Latino Economic Development Center
1516 E. Lake St., Ste. 201
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

The Latino Economic Development Center's (LEDC) vision is a thriving multicultural community enriched by Latino leadership, culture, and economic influence. The organization's mission is to transform the community by creating economic opportunity for Latinos in Minnesota. LEDC provides the structure and tools to more fully engage Latinos in the social and economic mainstream of American life, contribute to the larger community, and build the assets of Latino families.


Liberia Build Project
7420 Unity Ave. N., Ste. 310 A
Brooklyn Park, MN, 55443

The Liberia Build Project is a capacity-building and human empowerment organization organized to rehabilitate and reconstruct Liberian people and communities. The organization promotes peace, unity, and prosperity by providing personal, civic, and development assistance to local, national, and international communities of Liberians and other African nationals.

African, Liberian

McDonough Organization with Respect for Equality for People
96 E. Wheelock Pkwy.
St. Paul, MN, 55117

McDonough Organization with Respect for Equality for People (MORE) is a multicultural community-based organization that empowers people of many races, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds to live and work in peace; to combat racism; and to change societal structures that contribute to keeping people in poverty.


Metropolitan Economic Development Association
250 Second Ave. S., Ste. 106
Minneapolis, MN, 55401

MEDA pursues its mission of helping entrepreneurs of color to succeed in the free enterprise system by providing business consulting, training, business network development, government market expertise, and access to financing. The organization serves about 600 potential and existing business owners annually.


MIGIZI Communications, Inc.
3123 E. Lake St., Ste. 200
Minneapolis, MN, 55406

MIGIZI Communications effects and contributes to social justice and positive change by committing resources to telecommunications, education, health/wellness, and other areas that contribute to capacity-building within the American Indian community.

American Indian

Minneapolis Ward 8
350 S. 5th St., Room 307
Minneapolis, MN, 55415

Ward 8 is a vibrant and culturally diverse collection of communities located in the south central area of Minneapolis. Its neighborhoods include Central, Powderhorn, Bryant, Bancroft, Field, Regina, Northrop, and Kingfield. Residents are active and involved in their neighborhood associations, block clubs, schools and parks.


Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce
1821 University Ave W, Ste. N180
St Paul, MN, 55104

The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce works to benefit American Indian businesses by helping new businesses grow, advocating for ongoing American Indian business, and providing networking opportunities. The chamber also works to promote business opportunities to the next generation through mentoring and internships. In addition, the chamber now runs the Minnesota American Indian Tourism Association.

American Indian

Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce
2399 Ariel St., Ste. A.
St. Paul, MN, 55109

Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) serves area businesses owned by Africans or African Americans. Founded in 2000, MBCC serves as a clearinghouse, referral service, and a small business initiation tool to better equip and inform its members of current and necessary business requirements. The organization also promotes its members' products and services, and provides quarterly networking mixers.

African American

Minnesota Black Women's Health Collaborative
1141 Thomas Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411

The Minnesota Black Women's Health Collaborative is a health advocacy organization that collaborates with education, health, and family providers serving African American families and caregivers to advocate for development of education and health programs and build healthy communities.


Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
332 Minnesota St.
St Paul, MN, 55101

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) is the state’s principal economic development agency. DEED programs promote business recruitment, expansion, and retention; international trade; workforce development; and community.


Minnesota Director's Forum
1075 Arcade St.
St. Paul, MN, 55106
Phone: 612-384-2734

Minnesota Director's Forum is a collaboration of African refugee, Asian, and immigrant mutual assistance organizations that supports community empowerment through advocacy and capacity building. The organization's goal is to respond to future, emerging, and unmet needs of refugee and immigrant communities in Minnesota.


Minnesota Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
3000 N. 2nd St.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411

The Minnesota Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes, advocates on behalf of, and provides educational opportunities and services for Latino businesses in Minnesota.


Minnesota Hmong Chamber of Commerce
13904 Jackson St., Ste. 210
St. Paul, MN, 55117

The mission of the Minnesota Hmong Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for Hmong businesses and serve as their voice to local and state agencies on critical issues affecting the business climate in Minnesota. The chamber is a resource for businesses that need information on licensing, financing, relocation, redevelopment, marketing, and other business-related needs.

Asian, Hmong

Minnesota International Center
711 E. River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN, 55455

Founded in 1953 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the Minnesota International Center (MIC) is dedicated to supporting Minnesota's growing interest and involvement in the world. The organization's mission is to inspire the Minnesota community to understand global issues and cultures in an ever changing world.


Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
National Minority Supplier Development Council
111 3rd Ave. S. #240
Minneapolis, MN, 55401

Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) strives to maximize business opportunities between corporate members and the council's certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs). MMSDC provides access for the promotion, education and development of MBEs through proactive assistance and participation of member corporations.


Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI)
1414 East Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, 55404

NACDI is committed to transforming the American Indian community to effectively respond to 21st century opportunities. NACDI works to promote innovative community development strategies that strengthen the overall sustainability and well-being of American Indian people and communities.

American Indian

Northside Residents Redevelopment Council
1313 Plymouth Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411

The Northside Residents Redevelopment Council (NRRC) was established to empower the residents of the Near North/Willard Hay Minneapolis neighborhoods to be the primary agents for the improvements of social, economic, and general livability standards of the neighborhood.


Northwest Area Foundation
60 Plato Blvd
St Paul, MN, 55107

The Northwest Area Foundation is committed to the well-being of the people in our region.We support efforts across our eight states to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity. We focus on the work of proven or promising organizations — those that have demonstrated success and those that are on the cutting edge and poised to do innovative work in poverty reduction.


Oak Park Neighborhood Center
Pillsbury United Communities
1701 Oak Park Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN, 55411

The Oak Park Neighborhood Center offers a wide variety of services, including after school and summer programming for youth in grades K-8, a leadership club called FANS that gives youth the opportunity to earn $2000 per year towards college, family loan programs, computer classes, holiday giveaways, neighborhood gatherings, and a community clothes closet.


Project for Pride in Living
1035 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN, 55404

Project for Pride in Living assists low-income individuals and families to work toward self-sufficiency by providing housing, jobs, and training.



We strive to promote economic development for businesses in the Twin Cities that are LGBT-owned or owned by allies who wish to reach out to the LGBT community.


Redeemer Center for Life
Redeemer Lutheran Church
1800 Glenwood Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN, 55405

Redeemer Center for Life finds its home and reason for being within diverse, dynamic Harrison neighborhood of North Minneapolis. A non-profit community development organization founded by the nearly 100-year-old Redeemer Lutheran Church, Redeemer exists and endeavors to empower people of potential and realize its mission to be a beacon of hope for residents of the Harrison neighborhood.


Riverview Economic Development Association
176 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul, MN, 55107

Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA) promotes the positive aspects of the District del Sol commercial corridor on St. Paul's west side through revitalization projects, economic development activities, and marketing strategies to benefit the west side community and the city of St. Paul. REDA also sponsors the annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, which takes place in District del Sol at the beginning of May.


Selby Area Community Development Corporation, Inc.
626 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN, 55104

Selby Area Community Development Corporation is involved in housing and economic development in the Summit-University and Lexington-Hamline communities in St. Paul.


Somali Banadiri Community of Minnesota, Inc.
1433 E Franklin Ave, Ste. 7E
Minneapolis, MN, 55404-2197
Mohamed A. Haji-Husein
Phone: 612-871-0014

Somali Benadiri Community of Minnesota provides Somali families with culturally appropriate social and educational support, enabling them to achieve financial self-sufficiency and maintain their own cultural identity while integrating their community into the larger American society.

African, Somali

United Cambodian Association of Minnesota
6415 Carmen Ave
Inver Grove Heights, MN, 55076

The United Cambodian Association of Minnesota, Inc. (UCAM) is a non-profit, mutual assistance association formed in January 1993 through the successful merger of the Khmer Association of Minnesota and the Refugee and Immigrant Resource Center. The merger resulted in a comprehensive organization that is able to serve the community more effectively and efficiently by eliminating the duplication of services and competition for funding.

Asian, Cambodian

Wilder Foundation
451 Lexington Pkwy N
St Paul, MN, 55104

The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit health and human service organization that assists thousands of people each year through direct service programs, research, leadership and community capacity building. Our programs are found throughout the greater Saint Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area and are designed to help those who may be experiencing difficulty in school, at home, or in the community.


Women Venture
2324 University Ave W # 120
Saint Paul, MN, 55114

WomenVenture is a leader in providing the tools and support to help women start and grow a business, find a new job, or develop a new career path.