Monday, September 17, 2018

Write Here!

New graduate students at this year's Graduate Student Orientation & Resource Fair were invited to participate in a writing activity focusing on four questions related to the graduate experience. They shared their thoughts by writing their answers on notecards and posting them on large banners during these welcoming events. 

The Graduate School believes that by sharing their interests, hopes, aspirations and concerns with their colleagues, graduate students will begin to build a sense of community. And those of us who are here to support them–faculty, administrators and staff–will know better how to help and encourage them along the way.

Click on the questions below to view some of the responses:

How would you like to impact your community or broader society with your degree?

What research or scholarly question do you currently want to explore?

What is one concern that you have about beginning your program?

What most excites you about beginning your graduate program?