Monday, March 7, 2016

2016-2017 IDF Recipients Announced

Spanning the Disciplines

The outstanding recipients of the 2016-2017 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship awards draw from multiple areas of study to find original solutions and explanations to real-world problems, contributing significantly to research in their fields.

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship gives exceptional doctoral students conducting interdisciplinary research the chance to work with faculty at one of the University's interdisciplinary research centers or institutes. Recipients are awarded a $23,000 stipend, tuition and subsidized health insurance for the academic year. Students were selected by a University-wide faculty committee based on criteria including the interdisciplinary nature of the research project, how the student would benefit from interaction with the research center or institute, and the center or institute's interest in hosting the student. 

Congratulations to the newest recipients of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship!

Emma Bedor

Communication Studies
Advisor: Laurie Ouellette
Research Center: Center for Bioethics
Faculty Mentor: Carl Elliott
“Mental Health and the Internet: Telepsychiatry, Web-Based Therapies, and Psychosurveillance“

Eric Brost
Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics
Advisor: Yoichi Watanabe
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentors: Jianling Yuan and Fadil Santosa
“Three-dimensional Dosimetry of Photon Beams Using Thin-plate Scintillators and Deconvolution Imaging"

Brittany Collins
Rehabilitation Science
Advisor: Dawn Lowe
Research Center: Stem Cell Institute
Faculty Mentor: Michael Kyba
“Using the Combination of Rehabilitation Science and Regenerative Medicine to Elucidate how Hormone Deficiency Causes Muscle Weakness in Females“

Julia Corwin *
Advisor: Vinay Gidwani
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Karen Ho
“Local Yet Global: Mapping India’s Electronics Repair and Reuse Economies"

* Recpient of the Kermit and Ione Ebeltoft Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

Rodney Dockter
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Tim Kowalewski
Research Center: Medical Devices Center
Faculty Mentor: Robert Sweet
“Dynamic Discriminant Analysis with Applications in Computational Surgery“

Hamza Farooq
Electrical Engineering
Advisors: Tryphon Georgiou and Christophe Lenglet
Research Center: Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
Faculty Mentor: Essa Yacoub
“Brain Tissue Microstructure Imaging by Multi-Compartment Models Estimation from Diffusion MRI Data“

Dylan Galos
Advisor: Michael Oakes
Research Center: Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare
Faculty Mentor: Traci LaLiberte
“An Epidemiologic Analysis of Intergenerational Child Maltreatment“

Clifford Gee
Advisor: William Pomerantz
Research Center: Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development
Faculty Mentor: Gunda Georg
“Protein Tetris: Ligand Discovery for Targeting the Protein BrdT for Male Contraception“

Mingwei Huang
American Studies
Advisor: Jigna Desai
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Aren Aizura
“Hidden in Plain Sight: Chinese Capital and Migration in South Africa“

Max Kruziki
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Benjamin Hackel
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentors: Manish Patel and Robert Kratzke
“Engineering PET Imaging Agents for Molecular Detection and Characterization of Cancer"

Tarciso Leão
Conservation Biology
Advisor: Peter Reich
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Arindam Banerjee
“The Extinction Risk of Plants in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Region“

Subhabrata Majumdar
Advisor: Snigdhansu Chatterjee
Research Center: Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research
Faculty Mentor: Saonli Basu
“Simultaneous Selection of Multiple Genetic and Environmental Factors in Genome Wide Association Studies for Families“

Bridget Marchesi
Political Science
Advisor: Kathryn Sikkink
Research Center: Institute for Global Studies
Faculty Mentor: Greta Freidemann-Sanchez
“How Does Restorative Justice Contribute to Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace?: Explaining Efficacy Using a Multi-methods Multi-level Approach“

George Markou
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Casim Sarkar
Research Center: Stakman-Borlaug Center for Sustainable Plant Health
Faculty Mentor: Fumiaki Katagiri
“Engineering Plant Immunity via an Artificial Adaptive Immune System“

Laura Matson
Advisor: George Henderson
Research Center: Water Resources Center
Faculty Mentor: Patrick Nunnally
“Multiple Sovereigns and Transient Resources: Contested Water Jurisdiction and Metallic Mining in the Lake Superior Watershed“

Alice Nadeau
Advisor: Richard McGehee
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Clarence Lehman
“Understanding Human Impact on the Carbon Cycle through Dynamical Systems“

Marco Ponce de Leon
Advisor: Hans Othmer
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentor: Paolo Provenzano
“Modeling Pancreatic Cancer with the Goal of Improving Drug Delivery“

Abbas Sohrabpour
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Bin He
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Zhiyi Sha
“Hacking Epilepsy Networks: Studying the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Seizures Noninvasively“

Jiayi Wang
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Research Center: Institute of Molecular Virology
Faculty Mentors: Nuri Alpay Temiz and Jairam Lingappa
“Delineating a Novel Barrier to HIV Transmission“

Kai Wu
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Jian-Ping Wang
Research Center: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Faculty Mentors: James Collins and Andres Perez
“Giant Magnetoresistence Based Biosensing Device for Veterinary Disease Early Detection and Prevention“