IDP for Grad Students

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool designed to help graduate students to (1) identify professional goals and objectives; (2) assess an individual’s skill set relative to their career goals; and (3) develop a plan to acquire the skills and competencies needed to achieve short- and long-term career objectives. A well-crafted IDP can serve as both a planning and a communications tool, allowing graduate students to identify their research and career goals and to communicate these goals to mentors and advisors.

While the IDP is not new, its recognition as a best practice in professional development is just beginning to emerge. Science Careers recently launched myIDP, a free, web-based career-planning tool for PhD students and postdocs in the sciences. Because of its demonstrated usefulness in fostering professional development, the IDP is increasingly recognized as an important instrument for postdocs in a broad range of positions, and could also be beneficial for graduate students.

Please visit these resources created by the Graduate School for the development of an IDP: Individual Development Plan and Individual Development Plan: Interdisciplinary Focus.