Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2018-2019 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows. The Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) gives the University's most accomplished PhD candidates an opportunity to devote full-time effort to an outstanding research project by providing time to finalize and write a dissertation during the fellowship year. The award includes a stipend of $25,000 for the academic year (September-May), tuition for up to 14 thesis credits each semester (fall & spring), and subsidized health insurance through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. Congratulations!

Adey Almohsen

Nation-Writing and Canon-Making: An Intellectual History of Palestinian Critiques in/of Exile
Advisor: Daniel Schroeter

Brandon Almy

Child Psychology
Self-regulation and Adolescent Decision-Making
Advisor: Philip Zelazo

Evan Anderson

Ion-Transfer Voltammetry with Fluorous Matrices
Advisor: Phil Buhlmann

Sukaran Arora

Chemical Engineering
Mechanistic insights of methanol-to-olefins catalysis over zeolites
Advisor: Aditya Bhan

Anthony Auletta

The Anatomical Distribution of Catecholamines in the Central Nervous Systems of the Arachnida and Their Roles in the Modulation of Behavior.
Advisor: Karen Mesce

Sudhanya Banerjee

Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management
Engineering, Economic and Environmental Implications of Microalgae-based Multi-product Biorefineries
Advisor: Shri Ramaswamy

Kari Campeau

Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication
Improvising Ability: Making Meaning of Autism Outreach, Diagnosis, and Services
Advisor: Mary Schuster

Qingfeng Cao

Mechanical Engineering
SALSCS – a pollution cleaning system for urban air remediation
Advisor: David Pui

Alina Cernasev

Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Understanding the Experience of HIV Medication Adherence from the Perspective of African-Born Minnesotans Taking Antiretroviral Therapy
Advisor: Jon Schommer

Hari Cherupalli

Electrical Engineering
Application-specific Design and Optimization for Ultra-Low-Power Embedded Systems
Advisor: John Sartori

Hui-Min Chuang

Chemical Engineering
Study of DNA Physics by a Genome-Mapping Technique
Advisor: Kevin Dorfman

Ryan Connell

Materials Science and Engineering
Controlling Light Propagation in Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Advisor: Vivian Ferry

Daniel Cooper

Family Social Science
Moderating Effects of Risk and Protective Factors on the Relationship between Trauma Exposure and Family Functioning Among Latinx Subgroups
Advisor: Elizabeth Wieling

Loren Cowdery

An Empire of Cities: The Logistics of State Power in the Roman Republic’s
Empire (264-133 BCE)
Advisor: Andrew Gallia

Alexandra Crampton

Biomedical Engineering
A High-Throughput 3D Cell Culture Model for Practical Personalized Medicine
Advisor: David Wood

Tianbai Cui

Disorder effects and non-equilibrium dynamics on the electronic order of strongly correlated materials
Advisor: Rafael Fernandes

Carly Danielson

Communication Studies
Bystanders to Bullying in College: An Application of the Bystander Intervention Model
Advisor: Susanne Jones

Guilhem De Hoe

Sustainable Cross-linked Polyester Elastomers
Advisor: Marc Hillmyer

Rebecca Distefano

Child Psychology
Parenting influences on self-regulation in preschoolers experiencing homelessness
Advisor: Stephanie Carlson

Ana Claudia Dos Santos Sao Bernardo

Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
From the Dumpster to Bookshelf: Afro-Brazilian literature written by women and the quest for mobility from 1960s to the present
Advisor: Ana Paula Ferreira

Joshua Egan

Conservation Sciences
Ecological and evolutionary processes in the origins of the latitudinal diversity gradient
Advisor: Andrew Simons

Grant Fahnhorst

An organic chemist's approach to sustainable polymers
Advisor: Thomas Hoye

Amy Fairgrieve

I've Got a Bad, Bad Feeling: Rethinking Negative Affect in Literary Studies
Advisor: Andrew Elfenbein

Mojtaba Fakhraee

Water Resources Science
Advisor: Sergei Katsev

Yadan Fan

Health Informatics
Automated Extraction Information of Dietary Supplements Information from Clinical Notes in Electronic Health Records
Advisor: Rui Zhang

Jessica Farrell

(Re)Capturing Empire: A Reconsideration of Liberia’s Precarious Sovereignty and
American Empire as Exception in the 19th Century
Advisor: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Adam Fix

History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Sensible Mathematics: The Science of Music in the Age of the Baroque
Advisor: Victor Boantza

Jesse Fosheim

Mechanical Engineering
Soalr Fuels via Solar Chemical-Looping Methane Reforming
Advisor: Jane Davidson

Elena Gambino

Political Science
On Lesbian Existence: Making a Scene after the Feminist 1990s
Advisor: Nancy Luxon

Gautham Gampa

Improving the delivery of molecularly-targeted therapies for the treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors
Advisor: William Elmquist

Amanda Gorton

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Adaptation in ragweed across timescales of environmental change.
Advisor: Peter Tiffin

Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani

Mechanical Engineering
3D Printing Electromechanical Transducers and Their Application
in Development of Dynamic Organ Models
Advisor: Michael McAlpine

Jacob Held

Chemical Engineering
Atomic-scale TEM Characterization of Complex Nanocrystals
Advisor: K. Andre Mkhoyan

Veronica Horowitz

Towards a Sociology of Mercy: A Mixed-Methods Multi-Level Analysis
Advisor: Chris Uggen

Wenchao Jiang

Computer Science
Bridging Heterogeneous Wireless Technologies in IoT with Cross-Technology Communication
Advisor: Tian He

Anthony Jimenez

Imperial Medicine: An Ethnography of Immigrant Experiences after the Affordable Care Act
Advisor: Lisa Sun-Hee Park

Jin Jin

BayesianHierarchical Models for the Detection of Prostate Cancer
Using Multi-ParametricMRIData
Advisor: Joseph Koopmeiners

Christopher Jonathan

Computer Science
Luna: An Adaptive Context-Aware Crowdsourcing Framework
Advisor: Mohamed Mokbel

Ezekiel Joubert III

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Migrations: A Critical Narrative Study on the Economies of Black Student Movement in a Rural Southeast Michigan Community
Advisor: Timothy Lensmire

Elif Kalaycioglu

Political Science
The World Heritage System: Construction and Crisis of Universal Value in Global
Advisor: Raymond Duvall

Simrat Kang

Feminist Studies
Ecologies, economies, and resilience: Vietnamese/American resistance in Southeast Louisiana's commercial fisheries
Advisor: Jigna Desai

Yagmur Karakaya

Imperial Daydreaming about the Ottoman Past: Turkey as a Case Study in State- Sponsored Nostalgia.
Advisor: Teresa Gowan

Jisu Kim

Mass Communication
Influence of Incorporating Citizen Eyewitness Images in the News on Audiences' Trust in the News Organizations and News Engagement
Advisor: Jisu Huh

Megan Kobiela

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
How butterflies respond to anthropogenic change
Advisor: Emilie Snell-Rood

Vighneswara Siva Santosh Kondeti

Mechanical Engineering
Plasma-solid/liquid interactions: a novel approach to green chemical processing and wound healing
Advisor: Peter Bruggeman

Shannon Kordus

Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Mechanisms of Susceptibility and Resistance to para-Aminosalicylic acid in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Advisor: Anthony Baughn

Molly Kupfer

Biomedical Engineering
3D Printing to Recapitulate Cardiac Tissue Structure, Development, and Function
Advisor: Brenda Ogle

Ethan Leng

Biomedical Engineering
Computer-aided detection of prostate cancer on multiparametric MRI
Advisor: Gregory Metzger

Richie Lenne

Sustaining Behavioral Changes: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Behavioral
Advisor: Alex Rothman

Sha Li

Characterizing Learning Processes in Lung Cancer Detection: Human and Deep
Advisor: Yuhong Jiang

Justin Lines

Cortical Astrocyte - Neuronal Network Pathophysiology in Alzheimer's Disease In Vivo
Advisor: Alfonso Araque

Chih Hung Lo

Biomedical Engineering
Discovery of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions by FRET-–Based High-Throughput Screening and Structure-Based Drug Design
Advisor: Jonathan Sachs

Lotus Lofgren

Plant Biological Sciences
New tools to illuminate fungal host specificity: from mechanisms to ecosystems
Advisor: Peter Kennedy

Morgan Meissner

Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics
Comparative Analyses of Molecular Mechanisms of Human Retroviral Replication
Advisor: Louis Mansky

Milica Milic

Negotiating responsibility: ethics of choice and care in postsocialist oncology wards in Serbia
Advisor: Karen-Sue Taussig

Carrie Miller

Does paternity certainty elicit protection and support of offspring by male gelada
Advisor: Michael Wilson

Dylan Mohr

Comparative Literature
Desiring the Captive Mind: Film, Visual Media, and the Siberian Prisoner of War Camps of WWI
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Florencia Montal

Political Science
Investment arbitration and its discontents: the reform of international investment treaties
Advisor: Ron Krebs

Sara Morsy

Computer Science
Data-driven Methods for Course Selection and Degree Plan Generation
Advisor: George Karypis

Mirko Musa

Civil Engineering
Local and Non-local Geomorphic Effects of Marine and Hydrokinetic Turbines: bridging Renewable Energy and River Morphodynamics
Advisor: Michele Guala

Sarah Namugenyi

Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Determining the role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PhoY proteins in persistence and the identification of new counter-immune mechanisms
Advisor: Anna Tischler

Justin Nelson

Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology
Genomic approaches for characterizing how chemicals act on cells
Advisor: Chad Myers

Vegard Nygaard

The Determinants of High and Rising Life Expectancy Inequality
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Xiaoxue Qiu

Mechanistic understanding of chronic inflammation development during obesity and aging
Advisor: Xiaoli Chen

Veronica Quillien

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Bog or to fix what has been disturbed: researching back to re/make the culture of the Bàsàa people of Cameroon
Advisor: Mary Hermes

Sandra Rellier

Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
Recovering the Memories of European-Africans: Pieds-Noirs and Retornados
Advisor: Ana Paula Ferreira

Joel Runnels

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Joint Position and Attitude Estimation using Astrophysical Signals of Opportunity
Advisor: Demoz Gebre-Egziabher

Sarah Saddler

Theatre Arts
Training Corporate Bodies: Organizational Theatre in Global India
Advisor: Margaret Werry

Elizabeth Schneider

Multi-Scale Perspectives of Fire Activity in the Upper Great Lakes Region of Minnesota
Advisor: Kurt Kipfmueller

Allison Schwartz

Banking on Women’s Worth: Personhood and the Persistence of Gender Inequality in
America’s New Debt Economy, 1961-2008
Advisor: Elaine Tyler May

Yunli Shao

Mechanical Engineering
Integrated Vehicle Dynamics and Powertrain Operation Optimization for
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Advisor: Zongxuan Sun

Yanning Shen

Electrical Engineering
Nonlinear Models for Topology Inference and Learning over Graphs
Advisor: Georgios Giannakis

Narendra Singh

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Thermochemistry Modeling of Air for Hypersonic Flows
Advisor: Thomas Schwartzentruber

Aradhya Sood

Land Aggregation Frictions and Large Scale Manufacturing in India
Advisor: Thomas Holmes

Sara Sterner

Education, Curriculum and Instruction
A Post-Intentional Phenomenological Exploration of Reading Whitely
Advisor: Marek Oziewicz

Wentao Tang

Chemical Engineering
Network decomposition for distributed control and optimization
Advisor: Prodromos Daoutidis

Xun Tang

Computer Science
Mining Spatial Patterns from Big Data
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Tatsuro Tanioka

Earth Sciences
Marine phytoplankton and global environmental change
Advisor: Katsumi Matsumoto

Viengneesee Thao

Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
Economic Model of Maternal Opioid Use Disorder: Projecting Cost and the Effect of Treatment to Inform Value-Based Care and Policy
Advisor: Karen Kluntz

Joshua Thiede

Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Targeting intrinsic resistance mechanisms to potentiate antitubercular drugs.
Advisor: Anthony Baughn

Kelsey Vitense

Natural Resources Science and Management
Shallow lakes in Minnesota: Can we predict the good, the bad, and the vulnerable?
Advisor: John Fieberg

William Vogel

History of Science, Technology and Medicine
From War on Germs to Germs for War: Biological Weapons and American Biomedicine in the Early Cold War
Advisor: Susan Jones

Matthew Vollmer

Heterobimetallic Cooperativity for Chemical Catalysis: Making Metal Atoms Work
Together in New and Unexpected Ways
Advisor: Connie Lu

Yan Wang

Field-Effect Modulation of Electrochemistry on Two-Dimensional Materials
Advisor: C. Daniel Frisbie

Everett Wenzel

Mechanical Engineering
Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Turbulent Multiphase Flows
Advisor: Sean Garrick

Amanda Wolfson

Germanic Studies
Positioning Genocide: Comparing the Holocaust and the Genocide of American
Indians in Public History
Advisor: Leslie Morris

Jie Xue

Computer Science
Efficient geometric computing on stochastic datasets
Advisor: Ravi Janardan

Chenglong Ye

Model Selection and Estimation for High-dimensional Data Analysis
Advisor: Yuhong Yang

Ethan Young

The Cognitive Consequences of Early Childhood Adversity
Advisor: Jeffry Simpson

Biqiong Yu

Synchrotron X-ray scattering study of copper-oxide superconductors
Advisor: Martin Greven

Ahmed Zamzam

Electrical Engineering
Intelligent Monitoring and Control for Next-GenerationSmart Grids
Advisor: Nikos Sidiropoulos

Wenjia Zhang

Chemical Engineering
Cell Membrane Stabilization by Block Polymers - a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Advisor: Frank Bates

Yang Zhang

Computer Science
Securing and Enhancing Networks via Data-driven Analytics and Network Function Virtualization
Advisor: Zhi-Li Zhang

Tao Zhang

Materials Science and Engineering
Overcoming Loss Pathways to Unlock High Efficiency in Organic Solar Cells
Advisor: Russell Holmes

Chen Zhang

Public Affairs
In-­‐Between People and Places: Collective Identity Formation in Chinese Rural-­‐to-­‐ Urban Migrants’ Community-­‐Defending Movements
Advisor: Kathy Quick

Zhengyang Zhao

Electrical Engineering
Development of Spintronic Devices for Ultra-Energy-Efficient Non-volatile Memory and Logic Applications
Advisor: Jian-Ping Wang

Jincheng Zhou

Bayesian Causal Inference Methods for Meta-analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials
Does the research involve Animal or Human Subjects?
Advisor: Haitao Chu