Inaugural GPEA

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, William Russel joined faculty, staff, and students for an afternoon of stimulating presentations and engaging conversations aimed at helping to shape the future of graduate and professional education at the University of Minnesota. Russel, Princeton University Graduate School dean and chair of the national Commission on the Future of Graduate Education in the United States, delivered the assembly keynote address, which focused on crucial issues in graduate and professional education identified in the commission’s recently published report, The Path Forward.

A call to action for the nation, The Path Forward urges universities, employers, and policymakers to address areas of vulnerability in U.S. graduate education. Priorities for universities include attention to recruitment, identifying and eliminating barriers to completion, opening nonacademic career pathways, preparing future faculty, and providing a professional development component at the doctoral level. Dean Russel brought the commission's national perspective to engage faculty, students, and staff and open a broader dialogue on the University’s path forward for graduate education.


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Assembly Resources

Video of William Russel's keynote address and the plenary sessions

Slideshow of the sessions

Summary of Recommendations for Action from Breakout Sessions
The co-hosts of the five breakout sessions featured as part of the inaugural assembly convened on December 15 to develop a list of actionable recommendations identified in their sessions.

Assembly materials and related resources

Assembly agenda

Executive Summary: The Path Forward  

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Doctoral Student's Comprehensive Guide to Finishing the Degree

Summary of newly formed graduate education transition committees

Graduate School Policy Review Committee charge letter

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Breakout session discussion questions

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