Recommendations from the 2016 GPEA

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Key Recommendations and Action Steps from the Spring 2016 Graduate and Professional Education Assembly

Discussion Session 1: What do we mean by diversity in graduate and professional education?
  • Provide incentives for University leaders and stakeholders to show up and engage in this important conversation and to act--for example, increase resources for hiring faculty of color; make it mandatory for leaders to be present at these discussions
  • Challenge our system of awarding credit (the 7.12 statements in the tenure code) and how we measure success and progress
  • Increase access and opportunities to engage in conversations about diversity and climate, and provide resources to make it easier for busy people to attend these events and discussions
Discussion Session 2: Recruiting for diversity in graduate and professional education
  • Provide sufficient staff and funding for all programs to recruit effectively; share best practices, and strategically seek and utilize resources
  • Articulate, on many different dimensions, what our programs and the University of Minnesota can offer students. Top students are talented and sought by many universities. What can we offer them that other programs and institutions cannot?
  • Conduct surveys of program students and open lines of communication with them—and then make programmatic changes based on student feedback. Create a community and support students while they are here
Discussion Session 3: Avoiding implicit bias in graduate/professional student admissions
  • Link mission and admission; clarify what you want to see in graduate students before the application review starts
  • Conduct implicit bias training for graduate admissions committee members
  • Convene a campus-wide work group to develop strategies to minimize implicit bias in admissions
  • When modifying admissions criteria, include assessment to determine how the change is impacting program variables (e.g., diversity, progress toward degree, etc.)
Discussion Session 4: Creating a climate conducive to student success
  • Create greater transparency in how we define success for graduate students, how we communicate our expectations, and how we measure campus climate
  • Define the departmental culture so students and faculty can determine whether or not they fit in that space
  • Support students to do their own research over the summer
  • Train faculty and staff on cultural awareness and sensitivity
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