A Sampling of Resources Related to Equity, Access and Diversity in Graduate and Professional Education


Posselt, Julie R.  Inside Graduate Admissions:  Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping.  Boston MA: Harvard University Press. 2016. [AVAILABLE IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA BOOKSTORE]

Smith, Daryl G.; Lisa Wolf-Wendel.  The challenge of diversity: Involvement or alienation in the academy.  ASHE higher education report; v. 31, no. 1. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Periodicals, Inc. 2005.

Stead, Virginia.  The education doctorate (Ed.D.): Issues of access, diversity, social justice, and community leadership. New York, NY: Peter Lange. 2015.

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Articles and Reports:

Bersola, Samuel H.; Ellen Bara Stolzenberg; Kevin Fosnacht; Janice Love.  Understanding Admitted Doctoral Students’ Institutional Choices: Student Experiences versus Faculty and Staff Perceptions.  American Journal of Education, 2014; Vol. 120(4); 515 – 543. 

Garces, Liliana.  Aligning Diversity, Quality, and Equity: The Implications of Legal and Public Policy Developments for Promoting Racial Diversity in Graduate Studies.  American Journal of Education, 2014; Vol. 120(4); 457 – 480.

Griffin, Kimberly A.; Marcela M. Muniz; Lorelle Espinosa.  The Influence of Campus Racial Climate on Diversity in Graduate Education.  The Review of Higher Education, Volume 34, Number 4, Summer 2012; 535 – 566.

In Context: Race on Campus.  A collection of news and commentary from the ChronicleThe Chronicle of Higher Education.  November 24, 2015.  Retrieved from: http://chronicle.com/resource/in-context-race-on-campus/5867/ .

Jashick, Scott.  What Goes on Inside Graduate Admissions.  Inside Higher Ed.  January 6, 2016.  Retrieved from: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/01/06/new-book-reveals-how-elite-phd-admissions-committees-review-candidates.

Kent, J.D. and McCarthy, M.T. (2016).  Holistic Review in Graduate Admissions: A Report from the Council of Graduate Schools. Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.

Morgan Consoli, Melissa L.; Patricia Marin.  Teaching Diversity in the Graduate Classroom: The Instructor, the Students, the Classroom, or All of the Above? Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 2015.

Patel, Vimal.  Science-Diversity Efforts Connect Grad Students with Mentors. The Chronicle of Higher Education.  January 17, 2016.  Retrieved from: http://chronicle.com/article/Science-Diversity-Efforts/234947 .

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Posselt, J.R. Toward inclusive excellence in U.S. graduate education: Constructing merit and diversity in PhD admissions.  American Journal of Education, 2014; Vol. 120(4); 481-514.

Purdy, Carla; Ronald Kane.  Achieving diversity in graduate engineering education—what are the major issues?  ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, 2004; 149 – 153.

Voosen, Paul (March 6, 2016).  The Subtle Ways Gender Bias Persists in Science.  The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Retrieved from: http://chronicle.com/article/The-Subtle-Ways-Gender-Gaps/235598?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en&elqTrackId=3e9585aa07e94e6ca10b37c0c3ba504d&elq=9d834d7c1d7e45b1851ccdff45084772&elqaid=8178&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=2623 .

University Resources:

Breaking Boundaries: Graduate Student Perspectives on Cultural and Ethnic Identity in the Academy (video): https://diversity.umn.edu/gradeducation/breakingboundaries

Campus Climate Report.  Report of the Campus Climate Work Group.  January 2015.  http://campus-climate.umn.edu/sites/campusclimate.umn.edu/files/Campus-Climate-Report-2015.pdf

Reimagining Equity and Diversity: A Framework for Transforming the University of Minnesota. Systemwide Task Force on Diversity.  https://diversity.umn.edu/sites/default/files/U%20of%20MN,%20Equity%20and%20Diversity%20Vision%20Framework.pdf

University Offices:

Office for Equity and Diversity, https://diversity.umn.edu/?q=aboutoed

Office for Diversity in Graduate Education (part of the Office for Equity and Diversity), https://diversity.umn.edu/gradeducation/

Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, https://diversity.umn.edu/eoaa/

Disability Resource Center, http://campus-climate.umn.edu/sites/campusclimate.umn.edu/files/Campus-Climate-Report-2015.pdf

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Programs Office, https://diversity.umn.edu/glbta/

Graduate and Professional Student Advising, http://gradvising.umn.edu/

International Student and Scholar Services, http://www.isss.umn.edu/

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, https://diversity.umn.edu/multicultural/

Women’s Center, https://diversity.umn.edu/women/

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