Doctoral Research Showcase 2017 Header Image

Fellows who will be presenting at the 2017 Doctoral Research Showcase

Fernando Alarid Escudero
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
"Cost-effectiveness of H. pylori screen-and-treat strategies for preventing gastric cancer and ulcers in Mexico"

Marco Avila Ponce de Leon
"Swimming via membrane tension gradients"

Melanie Beck
"Integrating human and machine intelligence in galaxy classification tasks"

Emma Bedor Hiland
Communication Studies
"Digital Mental Health Technologies: New Industries, New Problems, New Solutions"

Vivek Bhandari
Public Affairs
"Essays around interacting energy policies - synergies and dysergies"

Eric Brost
Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics
"Characterization of Cherenkov radiation produced during radiation therapy: improving  the uncertain relationship between light and dose"

Ryan Cammarota
"Greater Than Its Parts:  Utilizing Multiple Inexpensive Metals to Enable Uncommon Reactivity"

Paolo Celli
Civil Engineering
"Wave manipulation in metamaterials with tunable resonators"

Yuan Chai
Applied Economics
"Risky Choices: Managing Variability in Agriculture"

Sreelekha Chaliyakunnel
Land and Atmospheric Science
"Constraining hydrocarbon emissions over the Indian subcontinent based on HCHO observations from OMI and GOME-2"

Brittany Collins
Rehabilitation Science
"Ovarian Hormone Deficiency Causes Muscle Weakness through a Stem Cell Mechanism"

Debanjan Dhar
"Chemistry of high-valent mononuclear copper oxygen complexes and their role in C-H bond activation reactions"

Hamza Farooq
Electrical Engineering
"Microstructure Imaging of Complex White Matter Architecture from Diffusion MRI"

Dylan Galos
"An Epidemiologic Analysis of Intergenerational Child Maltreatment"

Alison Ghorreyshi
Electrical Engineering
"Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording"

Alison Giovanelli
Child Psychology
"Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being: Impacts of an Early Childhood Intervention Program"

Jake Grossman
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
"Consequences of Biodiversity in Experimental Forests"

Damini Gupta
Chemical Engineering
"Properties of DNA Molecules Confined in Nanochannels"

Nazila Haratipour
Electrical Engineering
"Two-Dimensional Black Phosphorus for High Performance Field Effect Transistors"

Amy Hauck
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
"Histone Carbonylation and Obesity: linking oxidative stress to metabolic dysfunction in adipose tissue"

Garrett Hoffman
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
"Diversity sieves: Cultural centers as sites of subject production"

Jinbo Hu
"Affordable and Miniaturizable Ion-Sensing Systems Based on Mesoporous Carbon"

Julie Irish
"Finding a Way: Aids to Support Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)"

Hannah Julien
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
"Requests for Communicative Repair Produced by Typically-Developing Preschool-Age Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Jill Kerrigan
Civil Engineering
"Historical and Spatial Trends of Antibiotics in Minnesota Lakes and Rivers"

Whitney Knauer
Veterinary Medicine
"The Application of Precision Dairy Technologies to Detect Disease in Group Housed, Automatically Fed Pre-weaned Dairy Calves"

Ryan Knigge
"Understanding fossil primate mastication: Function, integration, and ontogeny"

Claire Kolar
Social and Administrative Pharmacy
"Across the Patient Care Practitioner Threshold: Identifying Threshold Concepts and Evaluating the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process"

Aritra Konar
Electrical Engineering
"Scalable Approximation Algorithms for Non-convex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming"

Katelin Krieg
"Victorian Forms of Thought: Metaphors and Models in Literature and Science, 1830-1900"

Kanchan Kulkarni
Biomedical Engineering
"Beat-to-beat control of the heart: Preventing cardiac alternans"

Prashant Kumar
Materials Science and Engineering
"Atomic resolution imaging of zeolite nanosheets using transmission electron microscopy"

Robert Lade
Chemical Engineering
"Simultaneous Flow and Drying in Gravity- and Capillary-Driven Coating Processes"

Tarciso Leão
Conservation Biology
"The geographic range size and extinction risk of plants in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest"

Sangyoon Lee
Mechanical Engineering
"System Configuration and Control Using Hydraulic Transformer"

Cody Lensing
Medicinal Chemistry
"Bivalent Ligands as Pharmacological Probes for the Melanocortin Receptors: The Bivalent Advantage"

Lifeng Lin
"Statistical methods for meta-analysis"

Subhabrata Majumdar
"Simultaneous Selection of Multiple Genetic and Environmental Factors in Genome Wide Association Studies for Families"

Maria Mannone
"Musical Gestures between Scores and Acoustics: A Creative Application to Orchestra"

George Markou
Chemical Engineering
"Mutual Information to Inform Protein Library Design"

Andrew McCabe
Civil Engineering
"Sunlight-driven transformation of organic micro-contaminants in stormwater"

Suzy McElrath
"Criminalizing Atrocity: The Global Diffusion of Genocide Laws"

Vihang Mehta
"Studying the building blocks of the Universe"

Alyssa Meuwissen
Child Psychology
"Establishing the Role of Autonomy Supportive Parenting in Preschoolers' Executive Function"

Emily Midkiff
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
"Enabling Space Cadets: Quality Science Fiction for Children under 12 Years Old"

David Moberly
"The Taming of the Tigress: Gender and Shakespeare in the Arab World"

Patrick Plonski
Computer Science
"Energy-aware Robotics for Environmental Monitoring"

Patrick Quarterman
Electrical Engineering
"Development of novel nano-magnetic materials for high density and low energy data storage"

Julia Quindlen
Biomedical Engineering
"Mechano-to-Neural Transduction of the Pacinian Corpuscle"

Arja Ray
Biomedical Engineering
"Investigating the role of collagen alignment in breast and pancreas cancer metastasis"

Patrick Schnell
"Estimating the Population that Benefits from Treatment"

Katelyn Schramke
Mechanical Engineering
"Plasmonic Properties of Nonthermal Plasma Synthesized Titanium Nitride"

William Severud
Natural Resources Science and Management
"Assessing Calf Survival and the Quantitative Impact of Reproductive Success on the Declining Moose (Alces americanus) Population in Northeastern Minnesota"

Mansi Shah
Chemical Engineering
"Materials and Processes for Gas Separations: Integration of Molecular Simulations with Experiments for the Design of Novel Processes"

Shaden Smith
Computer Science
"Algorithms for Large-Scale Sparse Tensor Factorization"

Abbas Sohrabpour
Biomedical Engineering
"Hacking Epilepsy Networks: Studying the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Seizures Noninvasively"

Kailey Soller
"Tuning the Equilibrium: A Biophysical Approach to Controlling Cardiac Muscle Contractility"

Carl Stenoien
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
"The evolution of specialist versus generalist dietary strategies:  Defenses, decisions, and ecologies of butterflies and parasitoid wasps"

Mark Sullivan
Chemical Engineering
"Structure and site evolution of transition metal carbide catalysts and their applications for biomass hydrodeoxygenation"

Amanda Taylor
"Fabricating the Martial Body: Anatomy, Affect, and Armor in Early Modern England and Italy"

Soon Li Teh
Applied Plant Sciences
"Integrating Genomics and Metabolomics Tools to Inform Breeding for Powdery Mildew Resistance in Grape"

Caner Unal
"Signatures of Particle Physics in the Early Universe"

Michael Vanden Oever
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
"miR-29 regulates type VII collagen in patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB)"

Jenifer Vanek
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
"Migrant Adult Learners and Digital Literacy: Collaborative Study for Sustainable Change"

Katherine Vinter
Chemical Engineering
"Reaction of Oxygenated Furans to Terephthalic Acid Precursors"

Boxiang Wang
"Another Look at Distance Weighted Discrimination"

Jiayi Wang
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
"Determinants of SIV Vif-mediated degradation of human APOBEC3B"

Xiaoyu Wang
"Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in high temperature superconductors"

Leland Werden
Plant Biological Sciences
"Using plant traits to evaluate ecological restoration effectiveness in a tropical dry forest"

Chong Wu
"Statistical methods for high-dimensional genomic data"

Yan Yan
"Regulation and Function of Tumor-Suppressor PHLPP2 in Leukemia"

Amritha Yellamilli
Integrative Biology and Physiology
"Evaluating the Role of Cardiac Side Population Cells in Cardiac Regeneration"

Sujin Yeom
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
"Remediation of s-triazine herbicide spills via adsorption and biodegradation using hydrophobic bio-silica particles"

Kai Yu
Biomedical Engineering
"High-resolution Neuroimaging-guided Brain Stimulation using Low-intensity Transcranial Focused Ultrasound"

Tianou Zhang
"Dietary Antioxidant Protection against Inflammation in Exercise and Obesity"

Qian Zhao
Computer Science
"Understanding User Factors in Interactive Recommender Systems"

Xuan Zhu
Mass Communication
"Can Self-Affirmation Reduce Defensive Responses to Health Communication Messages? -- The Role of Self-esteem"