2016 Doctoral Research Showcase Presenters

Doctoral Dissertation Fellows:

Akash Agrawal
Computer Science
Efficient geometric algorithms for spatial problems
Advisor: Ravi Janardan

Amr Ahmed
Computer Science
Towards a Microblogs Data Management System
Advisor: Mohamed Mokbel

Carmen Alonso
Veterinary Medicine
Concentration, Size Distribution, and Control of Swine Viruses Associated with Airborne Particles
Advisors: Montserrat Torremorell and Peter Davies

Dragos Anastasiu
Computer Science
Algorithms for Efficient Construction of Exact Nearest Neighbor Graphs
Advisor: George Karypis

Jennifer Annoni
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Modeling and Control of Wind Farms
Advisor: Peter Seiler

Avijit Barik
Biomedical Engineering
Electrically Active Gold Nanogap Sensors for Novel Biomedical Applications
Advisor: Sang-Hyun Oh

Joshua Borycz
Metal-Organic Frameworks: Characterization, Application, and Modification
Advisor: Laura Gagliardi

Sara Bratsch
Plant Pathology
Characterization of Amyloid-Like Fibrils in Plants
Advisors: Ben Lockhart and Neil Olszewski

Xi Chen
Computer Science
Event Detection from Temporal Data: Algorithms for Non-Ideal Datasets
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Yongxin Chen
Mechanical Engineering
Steering of Stochastic Systems: From Schrodinger Bridges to Optimal Mass Transport
Advisor: Tryphon Georgiou

Laura Clouston
Exploiting Heterobimetallic Catalysts for Dinitrogen Conversion
Advisor: Connie Lu

Brandon Coombes
Novel Tests for Gene-environment Interaction in Cohort and Twin Family Studies
Advisor: Saonli Basu

Neil Dhingra
Electrical Engineering
Distributed Control of Large-Scale Systems
Advisor: Mihailo Jovanovic

Lindsey Dietz
Advanced Statistical Modeling Constructs for Climate Extremes
Advisor: Ansu Chatterjee

Celeste Falcon
Applied Plant Sciences
Implementing Association Mapping and Genomic Selection to Advance Breeding for Complex Traits in Barley
Advisor: Kevin Smith

Allison Farrell
Behavioral, Affective, Cognitive, and Physiological Consequences of Relational Power during Conflict
Advisors: Jeffry Simpson and Alexander Rothman

Farideh Fazayeli
Computer Science
Machine Learning Models for Plant Trait Analysis
Advisor: Arindam Banerjee

Guosheng Fu
Devising HDG Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Bernardo Cockburn

Ryan Goh
Pattern Formation in the Wake of External Mechanisms
Advisor: Arnd Scheel

Catherine Graeve
Environmental Health
Necessary Drugs, Unnecessary Consequences; an Intervention to Protect Healthcare Workers from Exposure to Chemotherapy
Advisor: Patricia McGoveren

Tobias Gulden
Complex Geometry and Topology in Condensed Matter Physics
Advisor: Alex Kamenev

Chao Guo
Computer Science
Indoor Localization and Mapping on Mobile Devices
Advisor: Stergios Roumeliotis

Zhe Jiang
Computer Science
Spatial Big Data Analytics: Novel Classification Techniques for Earth Observation Imagery
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Anuj Karpatne
Computer Science
Building Predictive Models for Noisy and Heterogeneous Data: An Application in Global Monitoring of Surface Water Dynamics
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Petra Kranzfelder
Remote Sensing of Land Cover Change in Tropical Watersheds Predicts Differences in Coastal Water Quality along Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
Advisor: Leonard Ferrington Jr.

Ashley Landers
Family Social Science
Reunification of American Indian Children in Long-Term Foster Care
Advisor: Sharon Danes

Elisabeth Lefebvre
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Producing the 'Educated African Child' in Colonial Ugandan schools, 1877-1963
Advisor: Frances Vavrus

Tuoqi Li
Materials Science and Engineering
Realizing Enhanced Toughness in Block Copolymer Modified Brittle Plastics
Advisors: Lorraine Francis and Frank Bates

Yangmu Li
Neutron Scattering, μSR and Charge Transport Studies of Copper-oxide Superconductors
Advisor: Martin Greven

Yi-Wei Lin
Reducing RIP140 Contributes to Ameliorate Inflammatory and Metabolic Diseases
Advisor: Li-Na Wei

Grace Loppnow
Conservation Biology
Induced Nest Failure as a Mechanism for Controlling Invasive Bass
Advisor: Paul Venturelli

Vai Lor
Plant Biological Sciences
Investigating the Function of Genes that Control the Stature of Tomato Plants
Advisor: Neil Olszewski

Jennifer Lueck
Mass Communication
Improving Health Messages Targeting College Students Suffering from Depression: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Advisor: Marco Yzer

Rebecca Mackenzie
Understanding Intermolecular Attraction: Fundamental Science and Environmental Applications
Advisor: Kenneth Leopold

Tara Mader
Rehabilitation Science
Aging Results in Lower Muscle Strength and Power Regardless of Hormone Status
Advisor: Dawn Lowe

Hesham Mekky
Computer Science
Securing and Protecting Enterprise Networks via Data-driven Analytics and Application-aware SDN
Advisor: Zhi-li Zhang

Bozena Morawski
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Soil Transmitted Helminths: Measuring the Systematic Effects of Co-Infection in a Low Resource Context
Advisors: David Boulware and Claudia Munoz-Zanzi

Ernesto Nunes
Computer Science
Decentralized Allocation of Tasks with Temporal and Precedence Constraints to Robots
Advisor: Maria Gini

Kathryn O'Brien
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Remembering to Remember: Metamemory Judgments of Prospective Memory after Traumatic Brain Injury
Advisor: Mary Kennedy

Shani Ofrat
Familial Transmission of Externalizing Psychopathology
Advisor: Robert Krueger

Dayne Plemmons
Chemical Engineering
Observing Energy Transport on the Nanoscale with Ultrafast Electron Microscopy
Advisor: David Flannigan

Kathryn Pollock
Biomedical Engineering
Optimization of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Freezing
Advisor: Allison Hubel

Savio Poovathingal
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Heat Shields for Next Generation Space Missions
Advisor: Thomas Schwartzentruber

Lisiane Pruinelli
Clustering the Whole-Person Health Data to Predict Liver Transplant Survival
Advisors: Bonnie Westra and Karen Monsen

Maya Raghunandan
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Novel Caretaker Roles of Fanconi Anemia Proteins in the Maintenance of Genomic Stability
Advisor: Alex Sobeck

Mustafijur Rahman
Electrical Engineering
Design of Ultra Low Power Integrated Radios
Advisor: Ramesh Harjani

Leah Reinert
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Silent Strategy: Women Faculty and the Academic Profession
Advisor: Rebecca Ropers-Huilman

Brandon Rogers
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
“I don’t know why we do it. It’s just the way we talk.” Exploring Chilean Intonational Plateaus
Advisor: Timothy Face

Ashish Kumar Sahoo
Electrical Engineering
Modular Multilevel Converter based Power Electronic Transformers for Grid-Integration of Renewables and Motor Drives
Advisor: Ned Mohan

Max Schuchard
Computer Science
E-Embargoes: Discouraging Traffic Manipulation With Incentives
Advisor: Nicholas Hopper

Deepashree Sengupta
Electrical Engineering
Managing the Tradeoff between Error and Power Dissipation in Digital Circuits
Advisor: Sachin Sapatnekar

Elizabeth Steinert
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Quantity and function of non-lymphoid resident and recirculating memory T cells
Advisor: David Masopust

Becky Strauss
Earth Sciences
Characterization and Modeling of Materials Responsible for Planetary Crustal Magnetism
Advisors: Joshua Feinberg and Bruce Moskowitz

Jennifer Strehlau
Contaminant Remediation by Iron Oxides: Environmental Variables and Evolving Reactivity
Advisors: Lee Penn and Bill Arnold

Maggie Struck
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
(Re) Envisioning the Civic: Youth Making Meaning within a Civic Technology Project
Advisor: Cynthia Lewis

Yi-Shu Tai
Chemical Engineering
Engineering Microbes for the Production of Sustainable Chemicals
Advisor: Kechun Zhang

Jeffrey Ting
Chemical Engineering
Design of Tunable Polymers as Excipients for Oral Drug Delivery
Advisors: Frank Bates and Theresa Reineke

Martin Van Boekel
Educational Psychology
Reducing Hindsight Bias: Tests of a Retrieval-Based Theory
Advisors: Sashank Varma and Geoffrey Maruyama

Jyotika Varshney
Veterinary Medicine
Role of miR-17-92 Cluster in Development and Progression of Osteosarcoma
Advisors: David Largaespada and Subbaya Subramanian

Xiong Wang
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences
Immunological Selection as a Driver of PRRSV Evolution
Advisor: Michael Murtaugh

Amanda Waters
Plant Biological Sciences
Looking Beyond the Genome: Characterizing the Epigenetic Phenomena of Imprinting
Advisor: Nathan Springer

Andrea Wolf
Integrated Biosciences
D-ß-hydroxybutyrate and Melatonin as a Novel Treatment for Hemorrhagic Shock
Advisor: Gregory Beilman

Guanda Wu
Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media
The Epoch-Making Female Impersonators, Gender Plasticity, and the Dichotomization of “Artistic” Femininity versus “Natural” Masculinity from China’s Republican Era to the Early PRC (1912-1960s)
Advisors: Jason McGrath and Maki Isaka

Katherine Wyman
Conservation Biology
Dynamic Populations, Dynamic Landscapes: Conservation Science Case Studies of Colonial Waterbirds in the North American Great Lakes
Advisor: Francesca Cuthbert

Peng Xu
Materials Science and Engineering
Synthesis of Novel Electronic Materials with Atomic-layer Control
Advisor: Bharat Jalan

Shana Ye
Feminist Studies
Post-Socialism and the Promise of Ku’er: Politics of Affect and Transnational Queer Praxis
Advisors: Richa Nagar and Jigna Desai

Nathan Youngblood
Electrical Engineering
Application of Two Dimensional Materials for Integrated Broadband Optoelectronics
Advisor: Mo Li

Haoyu Yu
Exchange-Correlation Functionals with Broad Accuracy for Chemistry and Physics
Advisor: Donald Truhlar

Armin Zare
Electrical Engineering
Modeling and Control of Turbulent Shear Flows
Advisor: Mihailo Jovanovic

Zhou Zhang
Earth Sciences
Iron-Nickel-Sulfur-Carbon System at High Pressure, with Implications to Earth's Mantle
Advisor: Marc Hirschmann

Hong Zhao
Combining Non-randomized and Randomized Data in Clinical Trials Using Commensurate Priors
Advisor: Brad Carlin

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows:

Paula Sofia Cuellar Cuellar
Advisor: Patrick McNamara
Research Center: Institute for Global Studies
Faculty Mentors: Barbara Frey & Alejandro Baer
“Defining Mass Atrocities in El Salvador during its Civil War: The Question of Genocide“

Jessica Finlay
Advisor: Susan Craddock
Research Center: Center on Aging
Faculty Mentor: Robert Kane
“Aging in the Right Place: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Personal, Household and Neighborhood-Level Factors Affecting the Health and Wellbeing of Older Adults“

Anne Kaduk
Advisor: Phyllis Moen
Research Center: Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentors: Coleen Manchester & Joe Ritter
“Move Up or Move Back? The Impact of Non-Employment Duration and Reason on Women’s Workforce Reentry “

Yulong Li
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Steven Koester
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Bruce Gerbi
“Passive Wireless Radiation Dosimeter for Raidation Therapy Using Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Devices”

Maria Mannone
Advisor:  Guerino Mazzola
Research Center: Fine Theoretical Physics Institute
Faculty Mentor: Mikhail Shifman
“The Pianist's Hand, the Conductor's Baton, and Theoretical Physics: The Paradigm of String Theory in Musical Gestures of Performance and Composition“

Evan Stewart
Advisor: Penny Edgell
Research Center: Center for the Study of Political Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Federico
“No Church in the Wild: The Politics of American Secularism“

Amanda Taylor
Advisor: John Watkins
Research Center: Center for Early Modern History
Faculty Mentor: Jole Shackelford
“Fabricating the Martial Body: Anatomy, Affect, and Armor in Early Modern England and Italy”

Zane Thimmesch-Gill
Human Factors and Ergonomics
Advisor: Kathleen Harder
Research Center: Center for Cognitive Sciences
Faculty Mentors: Wilma Koutstaal & Maria Gini
“Perceiving Robot Emotional Body Language in Different Situations“