Admissions System Upgrade


The upgrade of the University’s central graduate admissions system will improve the functionality of enterprise level admissions technology to enhance efficiency, program-level configurability, and all aspects of CRM capabilities - from recruitment to enrollment.

  • Overall processing efficiency will be enhanced
  • Configurability at the program level will be enhanced
  • Internal workflow tools will be enhanced
  • The new platform will be accessible to all University graduate programs (e.g. MBA, CCE, etc.)
  • Vendor annual contract costs will not exceed current levels
  • High level of usability for applicants, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders
  • Compliant with all campus financial, legal, and system security requirements
Project Leadership
  • Project Sponsor - Scott Lanyon
  • Project Director/Manager - Dean Tsantir
  • Project Lead - Suzan Koroglu
  • Exploration - complete
  • RFP - spring/summer 2017 - complete
  • Implementation - Academic Year 2017-2018
  • Go live - late summer 2018
  • Modifications/Closeout - fall/winter 2018/2019