Presentations & Updates

The Admissions Office offers periodic presentations to keep program staff informed of updates, process changes, communication strategies and other helpful information. Material from past presentations is available below for your reference.

2017 Annual Updates Session Notes (added 11/1/2017)

Presentation Includes
2014 Annual Updates Presentation Fall checklist, prospective and applicant communications, Connect, AppReview, Admissions staff and website changes, Fee waiver for military veterans, Recommendation system enhancements, ESUP and MyU Portal, Turnitin plagiarism prevention software, Hobsons Radius, International Admissions
2013 Annual Updates Presentation Fall checklist, communication to applicants, myU Portal, Affirmative Action, AY, AY Connect, PDF Issues, International Admissions
2012 Annual Updates Presentation Admissions Role, Toolkit, Deferral Policy, ETS, App Review, MyU Portal, New COS/Readmit process, AY Connect, International Admissions
2012 NAGAP National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals – Annual Conference

2012 & 2010 E-Review Workshops   

2010 E-Review Webcast

Programs learned how peers at other UofM graduate programs coordinate paperless application review processes. Built upon the original session held in spring 2010. See what tools other programs are using.
2010 Annual Updates Presentation   Going paperless, Application Instructions, Deadlines, AY Updates, Transcript Uploads, International Admissions
2009 Annual Updates Presentation   GRE and TOEFL, Deferral policy, Transcripts, AY Updates
2008 Annual Updates Presentation    AY Tutorial, Revisions to Application, International Recruitment, Race & Ethnicity Categories, MyU Portal, Admissions Toolkit