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Tutorial Name Description
Navigating AY
Accessing Records Tutorial for basic search/view of applications in AY.  Recommended for faculty and staff who will use AY for 'view-only' access to applications.
Introductory System Training Instructions on the basic functions of AY.  Recommended for new program staff who will use AY
Completing the Internal Appraisal Form How to report your program decision to the admissions office.  Also use the appraisal form to change the applicant's application term and/or program.  (Updated Oct. 2016)
Status Reports How to receive email status reports so that you can monitor your program's application activity.
GMAT Score Updates How to enter/update GMAT scores
Locating Offical GRE and TOEFL Scores Simple description of the ETS score load process, and tips for locating applicant scores
Adding Late Materials (program staff) How to upload materials to an application that has already been submitted.  (Remember, accepting post-submission materials is at your program's descretion.)
Allowing applicant uploads after submission How to "flip a switch" in AY to unlock the application so that an applicant can add their own late materials
          Uploading Late Materials (applicants) Short tutorial for applicants who are uploading late materials
Transcript Upload Problems Viewing and fixing problem transcript uploads
Batch Printing Creating a PDF batch of applications, including a cover sheet and letters of recommendation
Data - exporting data, running queries and reports
Exporting How to export data from AY
Queries List of most popular queries and instructions on how to use them.
Enrollment Reports How to export data from the enrollment module to see the reasons your applicants chose whether or not to enter your program

Email - Using AY for Communications
Communications Info All of the communication that applicants receive via AY, from creating an application through receiving the decision notification. Useful resource for you as you plan your program's communication with applicants. 
Create “Post Message” communications at login  How to create short messages (posted messages) that appear onscreen (similar to a pop-up) to applicants (both submitted and unsubmitted) as soon as they log in to their application.  Useful for reminders about deadlines and other announcements. 
Sending Emails from AY How to send emails to applicants from within ApplyYourself.
Status Updates (for applicants) Web page for applicants which explains how they can check their status online.  You may wish to use it in your communications to students.
Working with Letters of Recommendation
Re-Notify Recommendation Providers How to re-notify recommendation providers who have not submitted their recommendation.
Waiving the Recommendation Requirement How to waive your program's recommendation requirement for individual applicants
Unsubmitting Recommendations How to "un-submit" a recommendation.  Useful when a recommender has submitted a recommendation without including an uploaded letter. 
Uploading Documents How to upload recommendation letters into the rec. system.  Useful for programs that accept letters via mail or email; outside of AY.
Instructions  and Troubleshooting Tips This web page addresses many of the common questions about recommendations and provides troubleshooting tips for both applicants and their recommendation providers.