Student Services

Workflow Gen

Initiate, review, and approve workflow requests

Serve on behalf of faculty and/or DGS approver as delegated

Serve as subject matter expert regarding workflow sequence and required approvals, e.g. Doctoral Exam Committee, Advisor, Registration Exceptions, Minor Plan Type

Image Now

Search and retrieve documents from Image Now Grad Drawer


Place appropriate holds

Understand navigation and ability to interpret various degree progress applications (e.g., milestones, committees, advisor center)

Reporting Center

Access and use all required operational reports and request additional data as needed

Skilled at interpreting and communicating data

PCAS (Program and Curriculum Approval System)

Manage curriculum decisions

Ensure catalog reflects accurate requirements to facilitate timely degree progress and programming of key systems (i.e., GPAS)

Faculty Role List Database

Manage graduate program faculty assignments including advising and committee roles

Understand University, college, and programmatic policies related to faculty roles, including exceptions

GPAS  (Graduate Planning and Audit System)

Utilize University systems to identify degree requirements and academic policies in order to effectively translate them into an understandable degree roadmap in PCAS.

Apply and integrate knowledge of University business processes to maximize the delivery of services to support graduate degree progress.

Serve as a subject matter expert to provide timely and accurate curriculum feedback to GPAS team.

Support the overall strategic communications efforts for student records and GPAS

Serve as liaison between between programs & colleges and GPAS team.


Recruiting (Connect)
Campus admissions system (ApplyYourself), App Review, National system (CAS) or both

Manage the application lifecycle

Configure application review software (e.g. AppReview) and create applicant bundles for faculty review

Create queries and export data as needed to support timely application review

Use ApplyYourself to send targeted communication as needed