• You may request a deferral of your application up to one full year from your original application term (i.e. from fall 2015 to spring, summer or fall 2016).
  • You may only request a deferral for the same program to which you originally applied. If you wish to enter a different program, you must complete a new application.
  • All deferrals are subject to program approval. Please be aware that your program may not approve your deferral or may not accept applicants for particular terms. (For example, many programs do not allow students to begin their studies in the spring term.)

To Request a Deferral

  • Contact your program.   They will inform you of any additional documentation they may require.   Then, if approved, your program will update your admission/application term in the online application system.   There is no need to contact the Admissions Office to request a deferral.  
  • If you wish to defer beyond one year (for example: from fall 2015 to spring 2017), you must submit a new application.  Please click here for special instructions.