Welcome New Graduate Program Staff!

This page is for staff and/or faculty new to their role as a Graduate Program Coordinator.   Below is a list of tasks that you'll want to complete as you settle in to your new position.  

Admissions-Related Tasks
  • Request access to admissions systems (email gsquest@umn.edu)
    • ApplyYourself (required)
    • Connect (CRM, optional)
    • AppReview (online application review, optional)
  • Review the Admissions Process Overview to learn the basic application process and the role of our office.
  • Explore the Graduate Admissions Toolkit
  • Create a test application to see our application system from an applicant’s point of view (start your application here, just like real applicant.  Complete the entire application, just don’t submit!)
  • While completing a test application, review your program’s application instructions to make sure they are up-to-date.   Look for:
    • References to “ApplyYourself” – change to generic language like “graduate application”
    • Deadlines dates - do they need updating?
  • Meet with graduate admissions staff for an introductory training. 
  • Review/update automated recruitment emails, if applicable (contact Suzan Koroglu (korog001@umn.edu for more information)
General Tasks
    • Local network drives
    • PerceptiveContent (formerly ImageNow)
    • PeopleSoft
    • myU Reporting Center