Torske Klubben Fellowship

For Minnesota Residents

Instructions to Applicants for Awards in 2019-20

Deadline: Noon, February 18, 2019


The Torske Klubben, founded in 1933, is a Minneapolis luncheon club of men of Norwegian heritage who are deeply interested in Norway and Norwegian-American history and relationships.  The organization funds University of Minnesota graduate fellowships for Norwegian citizens, as well as this award for Minnesota residents who have an interest in or connection with Norway and/or its culture.  The overarching goal of the fellowship program is supporting future leaders.

Fellowship Amount

A stipend of $16,000 for the academic year.  For recipients without another source of tuition support, such as an assistantship, the Graduate School Fellowship Office will provide a Tuition Scholarship for full-time study for the academic year.


Students must have completed a minimum of one academic year in the University of Minnesota Graduate School at the time of application and be official state-of-Minnesota residents.  The fellowship is available to students who have demonstrated an interest in or connection with Norway and/or its culture.  Applicants should have a strong, mature, and clearly defined career interest in a specific field, with a sound research or study plan.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and high academic achievement.  Preference will be given to students pursuing a Ph.D.  Recipients are eligible to apply for a second year of support, but award is not automatic.

Application Process

Application Instructions

Selection Criteria

Torske Klubben is interested in supporting students of high academic achievement who show great promise of becoming leaders in their chosen profession and/or in the Norwegian –American community, who have a deep and abiding cultural and/or professional interest in Norway (in a historical or present-day context), and who convey a sensitivity to the future of Norway and Norway-America relationships.  Need may be taken into account, all other factors being equal.  Additional factors include:

  • The strength of the academic record and the overall professional promise.
  • The cohesiveness and significance of the study or research plan.
  • The timeliness of progress toward the degree.
Award Policy

Applicants will be notified of the outcome, in writing, by the end of April.  Although recipients need not be in residence during the tenure of the fellowship (if, for example, they are conducting research at an off-campus location), they must be registered in the Graduate School for the full academic year.