Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows

2016-17 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Awards

Spanning the Disciplines

Emma Bedor
Communication Studies
Advisor: Laurie Ouellette
Research Center: Center for Bioethics
Faculty Mentor: Carl Elliott
“Mental Health and the Internet: Telepsychiatry, Web-Based Therapies, and Psychosurveillance“

Eric Brost
Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics
Advisor: Yoichi Watanabe
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentors: Jianling Yuan and Fadil Santosa
“Three-dimensional Dosimetry of Photon Beams Using Thin-plate Scintillators and Deconvolution Imaging"

Brittany Collins
Rehabilitation Science
Advisor: Dawn Lowe
Research Center: Stem Cell Institute
Faculty Mentor: Michael Kyba
“Using the Combination of Rehabilitation Science and Regenerative Medicine to Elucidate how Hormone Deficiency Causes Muscle Weakness in Females“

Julia Corwin *
Advisor: Vinay Gidwani
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Karen Ho
“Local Yet Global: Mapping India’s Electronics Repair and Reuse Economies"

* Recpient of the Kermit and Ione Ebeltoft Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

Rodney Dockter
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Tim Kowalewski
Research Center: Medical Devices Center
Faculty Mentor: Robert Sweet
“Dynamic Discriminant Analysis with Applications in Computational Surgery“

Hamza Farooq
Electrical Engineering
Advisors: Tryphon Georgiou and Christophe Lenglet
Research Center: Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
Faculty Mentor: Essa Yacoub
“Brain Tissue Microstructure Imaging by Multi-Compartment Models Estimation from Diffusion MRI Data“

Dylan Galos
Advisor: Michael Oakes
Research Center: Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare
Faculty Mentor: Traci LaLiberte
“An Epidemiologic Analysis of Intergenerational Child Maltreatment“

Clifford Gee
Advisor: William Pomerantz
Research Center: Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development
Faculty Mentor: Gunda Georg
“Protein Tetris: Ligand Discovery for Targeting the Protein BrdT for Male Contraception“

Mingwei Huang
American Studies
Advisor: Jigna Desai
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Aren Aizura
“Hidden in Plain Sight: Chinese Capital and Migration in South Africa“

Max Kruziki
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Benjamin Hackel
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentors: Manish Patel and Robert Kratzke
“Engineering PET Imaging Agents for Molecular Detection and Characterization of Cancer"

Tarciso Leão
Conservation Biology
Advisor: Peter Reich
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Arindam Banerjee
“The Extinction Risk of Plants in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Region“

Subhabrata Majumdar
Advisor: Snigdhansu Chatterjee
Research Center: Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research
Faculty Mentor: Saonli Basu
“Simultaneous Selection of Multiple Genetic and Environmental Factors in Genome Wide Association Studies for Families“

Bridget Marchesi
Political Science
Advisor: Kathryn Sikkink
Research Center: Institute for Global Studies
Faculty Mentor: Greta Freidemann-Sanchez
“How Does Restorative Justice Contribute to Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace?: Explaining Efficacy Using a Multi-methods Multi-level Approach“

George Markou
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Casim Sarkar
Research Center: Stakman-Borlaug Center for Sustainable Plant Health
Faculty Mentor: Fumiaki Katagiri
“Engineering Plant Immunity via an Artificial Adaptive Immune System“

Laura Matson
Advisor: George Henderson
Research Center: Water Resources Center
Faculty Mentor: Patrick Nunnally
“Multiple Sovereigns and Transient Resources: Contested Water Jurisdiction and Metallic Mining in the Lake Superior Watershed“

Alice Nadeau
Advisor: Richard McGehee
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Clarence Lehman
“Understanding Human Impact on the Carbon Cycle through Dynamical Systems“

Marco Ponce de Leon
Advisor: Hans Othmer
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentor: Paolo Provenzano
“Modeling Pancreatic Cancer with the Goal of Improving Drug Delivery“

Abbas Sohrabpour
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Bin He
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Zhiyi Sha
“Hacking Epilepsy Networks: Studying the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Seizures Noninvasively“

Jiayi Wang
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Advisor: Reuben Harris
Research Center: Institute of Molecular Virology
Faculty Mentors: Nuri Alpay Temiz and Jairam Lingappa
“Delineating a Novel Barrier to HIV Transmission“

Kai Wu
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Jian-Ping Wang
Research Center: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Faculty Mentors: James Collins and Andres Perez
“Giant Magnetoresistence Based Biosensing Device for Veterinary Disease Early Detection and Prevention“