Privately Endowed Fellowships

Administered by the Graduate School

For fellowship awards in 2018-19
Deadline: 12 noon, November 8, 2017

These Fellowships are supported by endowed income from wills and trusts, or gifts from organizations or individuals. Recipients are expected to register for credit in the Graduate School during the tenure of the award. Available only to currently enrolled graduate students.

Norman Johnston DeWitt Fellowship

For advanced doctoral students in the humanities.  Relevant graduate programs may nominate one student.  Stipend: $25,000.  One award.

Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship

For women doctoral students in the natural or physical sciences and engineering, where women are underrepresented (i.e., less than 50%) in the graduate program. Stipend: $25,000.  Up to four awards.

Harold Leonard Memorial Fellowship in Film Study

For doctoral students proposing a year of well-defined research or study in film history, criticism, theory, or aesthetics. Stipend: $25,000.  Up to three awards.

Eva O. Miller Fellowship

For doctoral students in the broad areas of psychology or statistics and measurement who are engaged in research. Research projects may include, but are not limited to, the study of individual differences and cognitive aspects of measurement. Stipend: $25,000.  Up to two awards.

William Stout Fellowship, Thomas Wallace Fellowship

For doctoral students in the humanities or social sciences who are in the intermediate years of the Ph.D. (i.e., normally students currently in their second or third year of graduate study). Relevant graduate programs may nominate one student. Stipend: $25,000.  One award each.

Mark and Judy Yudof Fellowship

For graduate students (Master's or Ph.D.) pursuing interdisciplinary work whose content is focused in the areas of science policy and ethics. Stipend: $25,000.  Up to two awards.