Emergency funds up to $1,500 available to DOVE nominees

DOVE Nominee Emergency Funding Program


Administered through the Office for Diversity in Graduate Education (ODGE), within the Graduate School, the DOVE Emergency Funding program – currently being offered on a trial basis – is intended to increase retention of graduate students from underrepresented populations by supporting those students who face unanticipated financial hardship that would likely impact or hinder degree completion. The funding is a short-term, one-time award of up to $1,500, which does not cover recurring expenses and does not require repayment.


  • Students in research-based graduate programs who were nominated for or have received the Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship.
  • Must be in good academic standing and enrolled full-time or for 8444 (one credit, full-time equivalent). Students enrolled for GRAD 999 are not eligible; because they are not registered for credits, they are not eligible to receive funding from the University.
  • Pursued or exhausted alternative funding options from the department, college, or other University central units. Graduate programs are strongly encouraged to contribute funding to help maximize resources.

Review Criteria

  • Must be facing an emergency resulting in financial stress that, if unresolved, would lead to early termination of the graduate program. An emergency includes, but not limited to, the following situations:
    • Medical expenses, not covered by insurance, due to illness or accident involving the student or immediate family members (spouse, cohabitor, children, parents). Exceptions to the definition of "immediate family" may be made on a case-by-case basis.
    • Temporary housing for displacement due to fire, flood, or other environmental causes.
    • Loss of or damage to essential personal property of high monetary value such as vehicle, computer or books, due to theft, other criminal activities, or environmental causes.
    • Travel costs related to unexpected crisis or death in the immediate family.
  • Must demonstrate that, once the emergency is resolved, the probability of continuing graduate program without further financial hardship, barring any additional crisis, is high.

Application Process

  • Students must be nominated by the DGS in order to be considered for funding.
  • The DGS submits a nomination letter through e-mail to dove@umn.edu. The e-mail subject line must read "Emergency Funding Nomination." The letter must include the following information:
    • Student information (name, ID #, degree pursued).
    • Description of the emergency and the DGS’ assurance that documentation (where applicable) has been provided to verify the emergency.
    • Statement of how the emergency funding will assist in preventing termination of the graduate program.
    • Outcome of alternative source of funding that has been pursued at the department, college, and central levels.
    • Proposed budget for amount of funding requested (up to $1,500).
    • Statement demonstrating that the student will be financially sustained in the form of assistantship/fellowship for the remainder of the graduate program, once the unanticipated financial situation is resolved.
  • The DGS will receive an email confirmation once a nomination is submitted.

Review Process

  • Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The nomination letter will be reviewed by staff members in the Office for Diversity in Graduate Education (ODGE) which includes the ODGE director, the director for recruitment, and the director of academic and professional development. Each student’s situation will receive careful consideration and any information provided will remain confidential within ODGE staff.  
  • Once it is determined that criteria are met and funds are available, an award is made and the DGS will be immediately notified.
  • It is anticipated that, if approved, the funds should be distributed within 5 business days from the date the nomination is received.

Distribution Process

  • Funds are distributed through student accounts as scholarship.  
  • Prior to applying for funding, students are receiving financial aid must consult a OneStop counselor to determine how this award might affect their funding, and to avoid over-award.


For questions about the Emergency Funding Program, please e-mail dove@umn.edu or call 612-625-6858.