Apply for 2019-20

Thesis Research Travel Grant for 2019-20

 Electronic Application Procedure:

  1. Start Application 
    • Create a username and password. 
      • If you are applying to multiple fellowship competitions, you will need to create a new user login for each application.
  2. Send Letter Requests - To ensure that letter writers have sufficient time prior to the deadline:
    • Complete sections 1& 3 of the electronic application (Applicant Information and Recommenders), then choose your "SEND REQUEST OPTIONS" (in section 4) at the bottom of the electronic application page. 
    • Your two recommenders will receive an email with instructions and a link.  
    • You will receive notification when the letters are uploaded.
  3. Complete the Application
    • Complete section 2 of the electronic application. 
      • You must first complete section 1 of the application in order to view all required questions/uploads in section 2.
      • Section 2 details your credentials, the proposed project, and includes all of your uploaded documentation.
  4. Revise your Application
    • To resume/edit your application, log-in with your username and password.
    • Select SAVE/UPDATE/SUBMIT at the bottom of the application page to submit your changes and overwrite previous information.
    • Please note that your application is "Submitted" each time you select "SAVE/UPDATE/SUBMIT" or "SEND REQUEST" at the bottom of the screen.
    • You may continue to save, update, submit, or re-submit your entire application until the deadline.