Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship: 2019-20

Letters of Recommendation

Program nomination deadline: Noon, February 27, 2019. Programs will have earlier deadlines for internal selection and nomination preparation process. Please contact program for internal deadline.

Two faculty recommendation letters are required, one of which is from the advisor or co-advisors, and one from a non-advisor.  Co-advisors may co-author one letter.

Where to Submit

  • Electronically: To the student's nominating program.
  • Campus Mail: To the student's nominating program.

Letters (maximum of 2 pages) should comment on:

  1. The specific contribution(s) the student made to the research project, demonstrating the student's independence, originality and resourcefulness.
  2. The importance and significance of the research and its impact on the broader discipline.
  3. The student's publication, presentation or performance record in relation to other students in the field.
  4. The timeliness of progress toward the degree. 

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