Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows

2015-16 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Awards

Spanning the Disciplines

Lalit Batra
Advisor: Vinay Gidwani
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Ajay Skaria
“Caste Subalterns and Urban Infrastructure: The Cultural Politics of Sanitation in Modern Delhi“

Paula Sofia Cuellar Cuellar
Advisor: Patrick McNamara
Research Center: Institute for Global Studies
Faculty Mentors: Barbara Frey & Alejandro Baer
“Defining Mass Atrocities in El Salvador: The Scorched Earth Operations during its Civil War and the Question of Genocide“

Jonathan Czuba
Civil Engineering
Advisor: Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Jaques Finlay
“Identifying Emergent Physical, Chemical, and Biological Hotspots for Guiding Sustainable Landscape Management“

Abhirup Datta
Advisor: Sudiptob Banerjee
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Arindam Banerjee
“Geostatistical Models for Large Scale Climate Science and Forestry Analysis“

Jessica Finlay
Advisor: Susan Craddock
Research Center: Center on Aging
Faculty Mentor: Robert Kane
“Cities of (In)Difference: Urban Livability and Aging in the Right Place“

Kathryn Geldart
Chemical Engineering
Advisors: Yiannis Kaznessis & Gary Dunny
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentors: Yiannis Kaznessis & Gary Dunny
“Engineering Antibiotic Probiotics for the Treatment of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus

Cory Gloeckner
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Hubert Lim
Research Center: Center for Spirituality and Healing
Faculty Mentor: Mary Johnson
“Holistic Neuromodulation: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Complementary Medicine to Better Treat Brain Disorders“

Sarah Hoffman
Advisor: Cheryl Robertson
Research Center: Institute for Global Studies
Faculty Mentor: Barbara Frey
“Exploring the Construction of Response Strategies to Support Health among Encamped Karen Refugee Women Preparing for Return to Burma“

Anne Kaduk
Advisor: Phyllis Moen
Research Center: Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentors: Colleen Manchester & Joe Ritter
“Women Returning to Work Across the Life Course: Who Does It, Why, and What Do They Return To? “

Yulong Li
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Steven Koester
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Bruce Gerbi
“Ultra-Small Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Device for in vivo Radiation Dosimetry”

Maria Mannone
Advisor:  Guerino Mazzola
Research Center: Fine Theoretical Physics Institute
Faculty Mentor: Mikhail Shifman
“The Pianist's Hand, the Conductor's Baton, and Theoretical Physics: The Paradigm of String Theory in Musical Gestures of Performance and Composition“

Julia Quindlen
Biomedical Engineering
Advisors: Victor Barocas & Martha Flanders
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Victor Barocas
“Mechano-to-Neural Transduction of the Pacinian Corpuscle“

Evan Stewart
Advisor: Penny Edgell
Research Center: Center for the Study of Political Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Federico
“No Church in the Wild: The Politics of American Secularism“

Amanda Taylor
Advisor: John Watkins
Research Center: Center for Early Modern History
Faculty Mentor: Jole Shackelford
“Fabricating the Martial Body: Anatomy, Affect, and Armor in Early Modern England and Italy”

Zane Thimmesch-Gill
Human Factors and Ergonomics
Advisor: Kathleen Harder
Research Center: Center for Cognitive Sciences
Faculty Mentors: Wilma Koutstaal & Maria Gini
“Is that Robot Here to Help Me?  Human Perception of Robot Communication under Stress“