Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows

2013-14 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Awards

Philip Chen
Political Science
Advisor: Paul Goren
Research Center: Center for the Study of Political Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Federico
"Taking Campaigns Personally: How Personality Moderates Our Reactions to Political Communication"

Lars Christensen
Advisor: Gabriela Currie
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Ann Waltner
"Song Dynasty Musical Thought and the Development of Early Modern China"

Dane Coffey
Computer Science
Advisor: Daniel Keefe
Research Center: Medical Devices Center
Faculty Mentor: Arthur Erdman
"Virtual Prototyping for Medical Device Design: Big Data Visualization and Natural User Interfaces"

Demetri Debe
Advisor: Kirsten Fischer
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentors: Rose Brewer, Valentine Cadieux & Katherine Hayes
"Necessary Connections: Building Black Mobility in the Public Markets of the Circum-Caribbean, 1660-1815"

Emily Fedoruk
Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society
Co-advisors: John Archer & Maria Damon
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: George Henderson
"To Scale/For Sale: Gentrification and the Poetic Commodity"

Venkta Gunturi
Computer Science
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar
Research Center: Center for Transportation Studies
Faculty Mentor: Henry Liu
"Investigating Spatial Big Data for 'Eco-routing'"

Nessa Johnson
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Bin He
Research Center: Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Faculty Mentor: James Carey
"A Brain-based Therapy for Motor Recovery after Stroke: Combined rTMS and BCI Training"

Suhyun Jung
Applied Economics
Advisor: Stephen Polasky
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Tim Smith
"The Role of Agricultural Multinationals and NGOs to Help Mitigate Deforestation and Improve Provisioning of Ecosystem Services"

Sean Landman
Computer Science
Advisor: Vipin Kumar
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentors: Scott Dehm & Kevin Silverstein
"Reference-guided Genome Assembly and Structural Variation Detection for Next-generation DNA Sequencing Data"

Andrew Lewis
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Jonathan Sachs
Research Center: Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development
Faculty Mentor: Gunda Georg
"Developing a New Class of Therapeutics to Treat Inflammatory Disease"

Aine McCarthy
Applied Economics
Co-advisors: Deborah Levison & Paul Glewwe
Research Center: Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentor: Ann Meier
"The Impact of a Family Planning Program on Contraceptive Uptake and Fertility Decisions"

Ekaterina Morgounova
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Shai Ashkenazi
Research Center: Masonic Cancer Center
Faculty Mentor: Michael Wilson
"In Vivo Functional Imaging of Tumor Enzymatic Activity"

Anaïs Nony
Advisor: María Brewer
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Jane Blocker
"New Screen Practices After the Digital Divide: Film, Performance and Screen Arts"

Katherine Robison
Advisor: Rebecca Krug
Research Center: Center for Early Modern History
Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Reyerson
"Dangerous Dreams: Medieval Dream Visions as Literary Hallucinations"

Akshya Saxena
Comparative Literature
Advisor: Shaden Tageldin
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Ajay Skaria
"Vernacular Englishes: Language Politics, Translation and Visions of Democracy in 1990s India"

Amanda Stemig
Co-advisors: Lee Penn & Bill Arnold
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Kuzma
"Assessing the Potential Societal Outcomes by Using Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Technology in Groundwater Remediation Systems: A System Dynamics Study"

Mostafa Toloui
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Jiarong Hong
Research Center: St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
Faculty Mentor: Fotis Sotiropoulos
"Unravel the Drag Reduction Myth of Shark Skins"

Alain Vandormael
Advisor: Ann Meier
Research Center: Center for Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Translation Research
Faculty Mentor: David Boulware
"Treatment-as-Prevention: Relationship Dynamics and HIV Transmission Among Serodiscordant Partners in a South African Community"

Francois-Nicolas Vozel
Co-advisors: María Brewer & Bruno Chaouat
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Michael Cherlin
"Facing the Music: Literature, Music and Corporeal Writing"

Mohamed Yakub
Plant Biological Sciences
Advisor: Peter Tiffin
Research Center: Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor: Gillian Roehrig
"Ecological and Evolutionary Responses of Plant Populations to Urban Environments"