Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Awards for 2011-12 

Michel Boudreaux
Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
Advisor:  Donna McAlpine
Research Center:  Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentor:  Steven Ruggles
“Birth, Death, and Marriage: The Effect of Medicaid on Population Composition”

Mohammad Ebtehaj
Civil Engineering
Co-advisors:  Efi Foufoula-Georgiou  and Gilad Lerman
Research Center:  Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics
Faculty Mentor:  Gilad Lerman
“A Mathematical Framework for High-resolution Precipitation Recovery from Spaceborne Observations”

William Eddy
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Advisor:  Sarah Hobbie
Research Center:  Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor:  Peter Reich
"The Future of Boreal Forest Soil Carbon”

Namrata Gaikwad
Advisor:  Jean Langford
Research Center:  Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentors:  Simona Sawhney and Ajay Skaria
“Men Against Matrilineage: Contestations Around Gender Politics in Shillong, India”

Rachelle Hill
Advisor:  Phyllis Moen
Research Center:  Minnesota Population Center
Faculty Mentor:  Deborah Levison
“Time in the Great Recession: The Impact of the 2008/2009 Economic Recession and Unemployment on Time Spent in Healthy Behaviors and with Family Members”

Moana McClellan
Plant Biological Sciences
Co-advisors:  Rebecca Montgomery and Jennifer Powers
Research Center:  Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor:  Stephen Polasky
“How Do Land Ownership and Socioeconomic Processes Affect the State and Fate of Secondary Forests?  A Case Study in Guanacaste, Costa Rica”

Hoa Nguyen
Social Work
Advisor:  C. David Hollister
Research Center:  Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Faculty Mentors:  Jeffrey Edleson and Catherine Solheim
“Impacts of Online Financial Literacy Training on Battered Women in the United States”

Adam Oberlin
Germanic Studies
Advisor:  Anatoly Liberman
Research Center:  Center for Medieval Studies
Faculty Mentor:  Mary Franklin-Brown
“The Language of Love: New Studies in Minnesang”

Joshua Quinnell
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor:  Jane Davidson
Research Center:  Institute on the Environment
Faculty Mentor:  Timothy Smith
“Compact, Long-term Solar Thermal Storage Via an Absorption Process Using Liquid Desiccant”

Nicole Scott
Cognitive Science
Co-advisors:  Maria Sera and Apostolos Georgopoulos
Research Center:  Brain Sciences Center
Faculty Mentor:  Matthew Chafee
“Cognitive and Neural Correlates of Encoding Spatial Relations”

Elizabeth Wallace
Conservation Biology
Advisor: Andrew Simons
Research Center:  Bell Museum of Natural History
Faculty Mentor:  Fredrick Barker
“Biodiversity, Evolution, and Conservation of Bonefishes”

Valerie Were
Natural Resources Science & Management
Co-advisors:  Karlyn Eckman and Kristen Nelson
Research Center:  Water Resources Center
Faculty Mentor:  Karlyn Eckman
“Social Evaluation and Impact Assessement in Non-Governmental Organizations: Lessons from Western Kenya”

Andrew Yongky
Chemical Engineering
Advisor:  Wei-Shou Hu
Research Center:  Stem Cell Institute
Faculty Mentor:  Nobuaki Kikyo
“Systems Approach for Robust Generation of Pluripotent Stem Cells”

Huishi Zhang
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor:  Bin He
Research Center:  Institute for Translational Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor:  Bin He
“Deciphering the Root of Seizures: Functional Neuroimaging of the Epileptogenic Brain”