Co-Sponsorship Grants Program 

The Graduate School considers formal requests from University of Minnesota units, faculty, and graduate students or postdoctoral organizations for small discretionary grants to co-sponsor events that directly support graduate student and post-doctoral scholar training in accordance with the following criteria. 

Criteria for co-sponsorship funding

Events and activities must align with Graduate School mission, objectives, and values, and:

  • Must directly support graduate student and post-doctoral training/development.
  • Must be open to graduate students and/or postdocs from across multiple colleges.
  • Should align with Graduate School priorities of improving professional development preparation of graduate students and postdocs; increasing the diversity of students receiving graduate degrees and postdocs receiving training; and/or improving the quality of advising.
  • Must have commitments for the majority of the project costs at the time of the request.

Preference will be given to events/activities that demonstrate potential for long-term, sustainable programming.

Requesting units must agree to Graduate School promotion of the co-sponsored event.


Maximum of $2,000 or 50% of the total event cost, whichever is smaller.  

Review Process and Timeline

Requests must be submitted using the Graduate School Co-Sponsorship Grant Request Form, and are

  • Received and reviewed on a rolling timeline
  • Reviewed by the Dean; or the Dean’s designee, including a faculty sub-committee of the Graduate Education Advisory Committee.

A formal response from the Graduate School will be communicated within 2 weeks of receipt of the request. 

Co-sponsorship grants are competitive and funds are limited.  All requests will be considered in relationship to other Graduate School commitments.