Stout & Wallace Fellowships: Nominate

Program Nomination Deadline:  Noon, November 8, 2017

Electronic Nomination Procedure

The DGS or designated program support staff will need to complete an electronic nomination.  The nomination is uploaded as a single PDF to an electronic form.

1.  Create a Program Login to access the nomination form:
Create a username/password to upload the program nomination.

  • If more than one staff person will be viewing/updating the nomination (e.g., DGS and DGS Assistant), be sure to create a username/password that can be shared.

2.  Create the Electronic Nomination:

  • Go to the electronic nomination form (log-in), complete the required fields, and upload a PDF of the nomination.  Select either SAVE/UPDATE or SUBMIT.
  • SAVE/UPDATE - You will remain in the form and may continue editing.
  • SUBMIT - You will exit the form.  A nomination confirmation email will be sent to the DGS and to the support staff indicated on the electronic form.
    • Both options will save the nomination, overwriting any previously saved/submitted information, and enable Graduate School staff to access the information. 
    • Both options will allow program staff to continue editing the nomination until the application deadline.
    • Faculty reviewers will not view saved/submitted information until after the nomination deadline.

3.  Update/Complete Nominations:
To update existing nomination, log-in as "Returning User" to edit.

  • Selecting the SAVE/UPDATE button or the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen will save your nomination information, overwriting any previous information.

4. Confirm Receipt of the Nomination:

  • Log-in and select SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.  An email will be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies and to the support staff indicated on the electronic form.
  • To print or view the uploaded PDF, log-in to the nomination form and click on the PDF file (see screen shot below):
  • DDF Upload

Nomination deadline: 12 noon, Wednesday, November 8, 2017