HHMI ISRF: Summary

HHMI has suspended this program effective August 24, 2016

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
International Student Research Fellowship

Deadline: 12 noon, October 14, 2015

What do I need to Apply for UMN Nomination?

The following is a summary of the information you will need to complete the electronic application.

Section 1: Applicant Information
  • Name, email address, student ID, program
  • confirm eligibility
    • country of citizenship
    • year in program
    • name of laboratory your dissertation research will be completed in
    • area (field) of research as it relates to the HHMI ISRF
Section 2: Application

Internal Application Form & Education Statement 

  • Electronic form, completed and uploaded.

Research Proposal: Proposals that do not fully meet the formatting and descriptive requirements will not be competitive.

  • Three pages, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins.  Key references, diagrams or pictures (if any) may be included on two additional appendix pages.
  • The description must be accessible to knowledgeable scientists who are not necessarily specialists.
  • A critical factor contributing to the scientific merit of the proposal is the significance and innovation of the research being proposed, and the applicant’s ability to describe that effectively in the research plan.
  • Include a testable hypothesis or design objective. Proposed hypotheses should be testable, not just general ideas.
  • Applicants should consider the usefulness of models in the research plan, especially in providing added clarity to the anticipated outcomes.  Provide your rationale for using a specific approach.  Explain the value of the model system chosen, identify potential pitfalls, and discuss alternative strategies.
  • Describe the potentially transformative nature of the approach.
  • If your research is part of a larger group project, be specific about your role and independent contribution.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Maximum two-pages, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins.
  • Focus on activities relevant to your research, publications, presentations, academic accomplishments & awards.

UMN Graduate transcript

  • Unoffical transcript with explanation of any incomplete grades.
Section 3: Recommenders
  • Name and email address of three faculty recommenders (first recommender should be major advisor), who can attest in specific detail to your innovativeness, creativity, and research potential.
  • Instructions taken from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship Website:
    "The letters of reference are very important in evaluating the applicant’s potential to be a leader in the scientific community. Beyond superlatives, the reviewers look for evidence that the applicant possesses the traits necessary to be a scientific leader – innovation, talent, creativity, excellent communication skills, perseverance, etc.
    Review panel members value letters with specific comparisons – “best graduate student I have ever had” or “in the top 2% of all students I have trained.” <Note: the top 2% means the best one out of 50 trainees. It is important to be objective. > The recommender should then back up these claims and claims of “outstanding” with respect to the categories listed in the application with specifics. The research project advisor should address the applicant’s contributions (both intellectually and practically) to the lab, to the project, and to any publications that came from that research experience. These letters should also include a specific description of the applicant’s role in developing and implementing research projects, and his/her contribution to any publications which might have already come from the project."
Section 4: Save/Update/Submit or Request Letters
  • Electronic signature, copy of application and letter request options