IRB/IACUC Documentation

IRB/IACUC Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my IRB/IACUC approval yet.   What should I do?

Please upload documentation (1-2 pages) showing that you have started your request, and then submit your approval to as soon as it is received. If you are awarded a fellowship, funding will be dependent upon receipt of IRB/IACUC documentation.  

My study involves human or animal subjects, but IRB/IACUC told me that I don't need approval for my research.  What should I do?

Please submit the email or letter from IRB or IACUC stating that approval is not required for your project. 

My advisor has IRB/IACUC approval which covers my project.  Do I still need to obtain documentation?

Please upload the approval page of the IRB/IACUC documentation that your advisor has obtained.