Endowed Fellowship Recipients 2016-17

Alexander & Lydia Anderson Fellowship

Preference given to students who have completed either a bachelor's or a master's degree at the University of Minnesota and who are currently pursuing a graduate degree in the plant or animal sciences.  Alexander Anderson worked his way through the University of Minnesota studying mechanical drawing and chemistry. He graduated in 1894 and later completed an M.S. at the University. After receiving a Ph.D. in botany from the University of Munich, he served as an assistant professor of botany at the University of Minnesota (1899). In subsequent years he taught at Clemson and Columbia Universities. The inventor of the process for puffed wheat and puffed rice, Anderson spent most of his life on research to improve the process.

John Benning
Plant Biological Sciences
Do biotic interactions modulate the geographic distribution of Clarkia xantiana?
Advisor: David Moeller

Irene Bueno
Veterinary Medicine
Ecosystem Health of a Watershed: Epidemiological Approaches to Characterize Risks
Advisors: Randall Singer and Dominic Travis

Michael Joyce
Integrated Biosciences
Individual variation in prey resource use by American martens
Advisor: Ron Moen

Megan Kobiela
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
How do anthropogenic increases in sodium, an essential micronutrient, affect herbivore life history traits?
Advisor: Emilie Snell-Rood

Meredith Palmer
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Adaptive Ungulate Antipredator Behaviors
Advisor: Craig Packer

Carolyn M. Crosby Fellowship

To support students engaged in field-based botanical investigation. Carolyn Crosby earned a master's degree in botany in the early 1900s. The fund was established by her brother, John Crosby, and other relatives.

George Furey
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Increasing plant species richness decreases nitrogen leached from added nitrogen fertilizer
Advisor: David Tilman

Kaitlin Kimmel
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
How do physiological mechanisms mediate plant community-level responses to chronic nitrogen and rainfall manipulation?
Advisors: David Tilman and Forest Isbell

Noah Strom
Plant Biological Sciences
The evolution of rhizosphere fungal communities in soybean cyst nematode suppressive soils
Advisor: David McLaughlin

Udya Thapa
New tree-ring collections for hydrological scenario development in the Koshi River watershed, eastern Nepal Himalaya
Advisor: Scott St. George

Norman Johnston DeWitt Fellowship

To support advanced graduate students in the humanities. Norman Johnston Dewitt received his A.B. degree at the University of Toronto in 1930 and his Ph.D. in Latin at Johns Hopkins University in 1938. He came to the University of Minnesota in 1949 and served as chair of the classics department from 1949 to 1964. His interests included speech, literature, and theatre arts. He authored several books and was widely respected as a scholar, teacher, and compassionate human being.

Niloofar Sarlati
Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society
Gifts of Words: Modernity and Persian Politeness
Advisors: John Mowitt and Shaden Tageldin

Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship

To support women graduate students in any field of the natural or physical sciences who show exceptional promise for a successful career in research. Louise Dosdall entered the University of Minnesota in 1912 and completed her Ph.D. here in 1922. An expert on mushrooms and ornamental plants, she taught plant pathology at the University of Minnesota for 41 years. She established the fellowship in her will.

Yaming Jiang
Chemical Engineering
Quantitative Understanding of DNA-Cationic Micelle Complexation
Advisors: Theresa Reineke and Timothy Lodge

Stacey Saba
Materials Science and Engineering
Novel Porous Polymers for Water Purification
Advisor: Marc Hillmyer

Dootika Vats
Improved Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Machine Learning
Advisor: Galin Jones

Harold Leonard Memorial Fellowship in Film Study

To support graduate students doing study/research in film history, criticism, theory, or aesthetics. The fund was established by the will of Clara Lefkovits in honor of her son, Harold Leonard.

Rachel Schaff
Comparative Studies and Discourse in Society
Melodrama and Memory: Historicizing Pathos in American, British and Czechoslovak Postwar Films
Advisors: Paula Rabinowitz and Alice Lovejoy

Aleksander Sedzielarz
Comparative Literature
Broadcasting Modernism: Shanghai and Buenos Aires in the 1930s, Sound Film and Literature in the Hubs of Peripheral Modernism
Advisor: Paula Rabinowitz

William W. Stout Fellowship

To support graduate students in the humanities or social sciences who are in the intermediate years of the Ph.D. William Stout was born in Menomenie, Wisconsin, in 1898. His father, James H. Stout, founded Stout State College in 1891. James was a member of the Wisconsin State Senate for sixteen years and served as chairman of the Senate Committee for Education. He and William earned their wealth in the lumber business. William left a sizable bequest to be used for scholarships at various colleges and universities. It was determined by the presidents of Stanford University and the University of California that the University of Minnesota should be among the twelve institutions to receive funds under the will.

Parisa Moghadam
Art History
Sacred and Secular Architecture in Iran During 5th to 7th Centuries
Advisor: Matthew Canepa

Thomas Wallace Fellowship

To support graduate students in the humanities or social sciences who are in the intermediate years of the Ph.D. Thomas Wallace was born at the American Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. As a child of Presbyterian missionaries, he moved 41 times before the age of 14 when his family settled in Minneapolis. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1893 and from the University's Law School in 1895. He practiced law from 1895 until 1918 when he joined Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank; he ultimately became president of the bank and chairman of the board. He established the fellowship in his will.

Kele Missal
Could Neanderthals “Think”?: A Comparison of Neanderthal and Human Cognitive Abilities
Advisor: Gilliane Monnier

Dr. Warren J. Warwick and Henrietta Holm Warwick Fellowship

To support a MD/Ph.D. student in the biomedical sciences. Dr. Warwick is a pioneering pediatrician in the treatment of cystic fibrosis at the University of Minnesota.

Lee Meier
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Advisor: Bryce Binstadt

Mark & Judy Yudof Fellowship

Open to graduate students pursuing interdisciplinary work whose content is focused in the areas of science policy and ethics. Mark Yudof served as president of the University of Minnesota from 1997-2002.

Lalit Batra
Untouchable Castes and Urban Infrastructure: The Cultural Politics of Sanitation in Delhi
Advisor: Vinay Gidwani

Aaron Eddens
American Studies
"Climate-Smart” Seeds: Science, Property, and the Changing Landscape of International Agriculture
Advisors: Bianet Castellanos and Rachel Schurman