Endowed Fellowship Recipients

Awards for 2008-09

The University of Minnesota Fellowships listed below are supported by endowed income from wills and trusts or, in a few instances, by donations from organizations.

Alexander and Lydia Anderson Fellowship

To support students who have completed either a bachelor's or a master's degree at the University of Minnesota and who are currently pursuing a graduate degree in the plant or animal sciences. Alexander Anderson worked his way through the University of Minnesota studying mechanical drawing and chemistry. He graduated in 1894 and later completed an M.S. at the University. After receiving a Ph.D. in botany from the University of Munich, he served as an assistant professor of botany at the University of Minnesota (1899). In subsequent years he taught at Clemson and Columbia Universities. The inventor of the process for puffed wheat and puffed rice, Anderson spent most of his life on research to improve the process.


Michael Dixon, Conservation Biology
The Role of Resource Partitioning and Competition in Bat Community Assembly
Advisor: Sharon Jansa

Beth Holbrook, Water Resources Science
Physical and Biological Influences on the Spatial Arrangement of Fish Populations at Two Locations in Lake Superior
Advisors: Thomas Hrabik and Donn Branstrator

Margaret Mangan, Applied Plant Sciences
Native Plant Polycultures for Bio-energy Production
Advisors: Donald Wyse and Craig Sheaffer

Carolyn Crosby Fellowship

To support students engaged in field-based botanical investigation. Carolyn Crosby earned a master's degree in botany in the early 1900s. The fund was established by her brother, John Crosby, and other relatives.


Evan LarsonGeography
Fire Regimes, Forest Succession, and the Effects of Fire Supression in Whitebark Pine Forests
Advisors: Kurt Kipfmueller and Kathy Klink

Annika MoeEcology, Evolution & Behavior
Plant Hybridization via Pollinator Sharing in an Obligate Pollinator Mutualism
Advisor: George Weiblen

John Stanton-GeddesEcology, Evolution & Behavior
Ecological and Evolutionary Fate of Migrants
Advisors: Ruth Shaw and Peter Tiffin

Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship

To support women graduate students in any field of the natural or physical sciences who show exceptional promise for a successful career in research. Louise Dosdall entered the University of Minnesota in 1912 and completed her Ph.D. here in 1922. An expert on mushrooms and ornamental plants, she taught plant pathology at the University of Minnesota for 41 years. She established the fellowship in her will.


Amy Hansen, Civil Engineering
Quantifying the Effects of Flow Conditions on the Mass Transfer Dynamics of Submerged Canopies
Advisor: Miki Hondzo

Chunze Lai, Chemistry
Receptor-Based Chemical Sensors with Perflouropolymer Matrixes and Three-Dimensionality Ordered Nanoporous Carbon-Contacts for Enhanced Robustness, Selectivity and Stability
Advisor: Philippe Buhlmann

Stanwood Johnston Memorial Fellowship

To support graduate students of promise in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, geology, geophysics, microbiology, and physics. The memorial fund was established by the will of Juliet Johnston in honor of her son Stanwood, who died while studying at the University of Chicago. Juliet Johnston was the widow of John Black Johnston, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Minnesota. Before assuming the deanship, he had a noteworthy career as an M.D. and neurologist in the Department of Anatomy.


Sergiy Dubynskiy, Physics
Nonperturbative Properties of Baryons and Heavy Mesons
Advisor: Mikhail Voloshin

Frieda Martha Kunze Fellowship

To support graduate students in biochemistry, chemistry, or biomedical sciences.


Melissa Fierke, Chemistry
The Utilization of Monolithic Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous Carbon in Electrochemical Applications
Advisor: Andreas Stein

Harold Leonard Film Study Fellowship and Grant

To support graduate students doing study/research in film history, criticism, theory, or aesthetics. The fund was established by the will of Clara Lefkovits in honor of her son, Harold Leonard.


Morgan Adamson, Comparative Literature
The End of the Gold Standard and the Crisis in Fil, 1967 - 1974
Advisors: Cesare Casarino and John Mowitt

Paige Sweet, Comparative Literature
The Secret Politics of Punctuation
Advisor: John Mowitt

Eva O. Miller Fellowship

To support graduate students in the broad areas of psychology and of statistics and measurement who are engaged in research. Eva O. Miller was the wife of W. S. Miller, a faculty member in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota from 1916 to 1948. During two periods, 1937-40 and 1943, he served as acting dean of the Graduate School. He was best known for his outstanding research on the measurement of high-level ability, including the authorship of the Miller Analogies Test. The funding for the fellowship comes from royalty income from the Miller Analogies Test.


Zhicheng Lin, Psychology
Seeing the Invisible: The Sope and Limits of Unconscious Processing
Advisors: Sheng He and Yuhong Jiang

Torske Klubben Fellowship

The Torske Klubben, which was founded in 1933, is a Minneapolis luncheon club of men of Norwegian heritage who are deeply interested in Norway and Norwegian-American history and relationships. Since shortly after World War II, the organization has supported University of Minnesota graduate fellowships for Norwegian citizens. Recently, Torske Klubben created a new award for Minnesota residents who have an interest in or connection with Norway and/or its culture. The overarching goal of the fellowship program is supporting future leaders and maintaining cultural ties between Norway and America.

Minnesota Recipients:

Leif Eikevik, Architecture
Advisor: Steven Weeks

Daniel Westholm, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Advisor: Grant Anderson

Norwegian Recipients:

Nina Slupphaug, Public Policy

Lars Stormo, Electrical Engineering

Mark and Judy Yudof Fellowship

To support a top graduate student pursuing interdisciplinary work in the areas of science policy and ethics. The fellowship was established in 2002 in honor of former University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof and his wife Judy.


Emily Smith, American Studies
Cyborgs or Luddites?: Embodying Science while Resisting Cures
Advisors: Bruce Elliott and Roderick Ferguson

Warren and Henrietta Warwick Fellowship

To support a Ph.D. student in the biomedical sciences, preferably a medical school resident. Dr. Warwick is a pioneering pediatrician in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.


John Albin, Microbiology, Immunology, & Cancer Biology
Advisor: Reuben Harris

Tibor and Olga Zoltai Fellowship

The fellowship was established in 2000 by Olga Zoltai and the late Tibor Zoltai to support a graduate student from Hungary. Tibor Zoltai was a professor in the department of geology and geophysics.


Andrea Szabo, Economics
Advisor: Larry Jones