2015-16 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

Akash Agrawal
Computer Science
Geometric Algorithms for Query-processing in Database Systems
Advisor: Ravi Janardan

Mahdi Ahmadi
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumented Catheter for Distributed Urethral Occlusive Pressure Measurements and Other In-Vivo Applications
Advisor: Rajesh Rajamani

Amr Ahmed
Computer Science
Towards a Microblogs Data Management System
Advisor: Mohamed Mokbel

Sandra Ahumada-Farias
Child Psychology
Guilt and Shame in Homeless Children: Predicting Socio-Emotional Functioning
Advisors: Dante Cicchetti and Ann Masten

Carmen Alonso
Veterinary Medicine
Concentration, Size Distribution, and Control of Swine Viruses Associated with Airborne Particles
Advisors: Montserrat Torremorell and Peter Davies

Dragos Anastasiu
Computer Science
Data Driven Approaches for Understanding Behavioral Evolution
Advisor: George Karypis

Arta Ankrava
Nationalism, Transnationalism, Anti-Communism: Shaping Latvian American Diaspora
Advisor: Lisa Sun-Hee Park

Jennifer Annoni
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Modeling for Wind Farm Control
Advisor: Peter Seiler

Jessica Apolloni
Italian Law in England: Community Justice in Transnational Criminal Narratives
Advisor: John Watkins

Avijit Barik
Biomedical Engineering
Electrically Active Gold Nanogap Sensors for Ultra-sensitive Detection of Biomolecules
Advisor: Sang-Hyun Oh

Narula Bilik
Mechanical Engineering
Low-cost Nanocrystal Synthesis Using Non-thermal Atmophseric Pressure Plasmas
Advisor: Uwe Kortshagen

Joshua Borycz
Computational Studies of Metal-Organic Frameworks: Combining Quantum and Classical Methods
Advisor: Laura Gagliardi

Nicholas Brady
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Macrophage-specific Deletion of STAT5 Disrupts Normal Mammary Gland Development and Accelerates Mammary Tumorigenesis
Advisor: Kathryn Schwertfeger

Sara Bratsch
Plant Pathology
Discovery and Elucidation of a Filamentous Prion-like Plant Protein
Advisors: Ben Lockhart and Neil Olszewski

Megan Buchanan
Forest Development and Stand Dynamics in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin: Implications for Oak Regeneration and Management
Advisor: Kurt Kipfmueller

Carola Carrera
Oral Biology
Interaction between an Oral Multispecies Biofilm and Antimicrobial Dental Bonding Agents
Advisors: Joel Rudney and Alex Fok

Laura Cesafsky
Infrastructure Politics: Transportation Modernization and Public Life in Bogota
Advisor: Bruce Braun

Xi Chen
Computer Science
Monitoring Global Harmful Algal Blooms using Contextual Change Detection
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Yongxin Chen
Mechanical Engineering
Steering of Stochastic Systems: From Schrodinger Bridges to Optimal Mass Transport
Advisor: Tryphon Georgiou

Charmaine Chua
Political Science
Logistics Leviathan: Maritime Supply Chains and the Political Economy of Capital Circulation
Advisor: Raymond Duvall

Laura Clouston
Exploiting Heterobimetallic Catalysts for Dinitrogen Conversion
Advisor: Connie Lu

Brandon Coombes
Powerful Rare Variant and Gene-Environment Interaction Detection in Genome Wide Association and Twin Family Studies
Advisor: Saonli Basu

Daniel Crespin
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
Inertia in Ambulatory Clinic Choices of Consumers with Chronic Conditions
Advisor: Jon Christianson

Vivekanand Dabade
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Theory-driven experiments to discover new ferromagnets
Advisor: Richard James

Scott Demuth
Cultural and Political Insulators Against Suicide in Native American Communities
Advisor: David Pellow

Neil Dhingra
Electrical Engineering
Distributed Control of Large-Scale Systems
Advisor: Mihailo Jovanovic

Lindsey Dietz
Advanced Statistical Modeling Constructs for Climate Extremes
Advisor: Ansu Chatterjee

Jenalee Doom
Child Psychology
When Parents Become Ineffective Stress Buffers, Do Peers Step In?
Advisor: Megan Gunnar

Karyn Dossinger
Business Administration
I'm New Here, Let's Work Together: Collaborative Behavior and Creative Performance during Organizational Entry
Advisor: Connie Wanberg

Erin Dyke
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
The Fight for the Right to Teach: Cartographies of Colonialism, Power, and Grassroots Resistance in Urban Education
Advisor: Bic Ngo

Rene Esparza
American Studies
From Vice to Nice: Race, Sex, and the Gentrification of AIDS in the Twin Cities
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and Roderick Ferguson

Celeste Falcon
Applied Plant Sciences
Implementing Genetics Based Methods to Advance Breeding for Complex Traits in Barley
Advisor: Kevin Smith

Allison Farrell
Behavioral, Affective, Cognitive, and Physiological Consequences of Power in Relationships
Advisors: Jeffry Simpson and Alexander Rothman

Farideh Fazayeli
Computer Science
Machine Learning Models for Plant Trait Analysis
Advisor: Arindam Banerjee

Satty Flaherty-Echeverria
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
Black Intellectual Thought on the Margins: Intersections between Brazil, Cuba and Portugal
Advisors: Jaime Hanneken and Sophia Beal

Katherine Fornash
Earth Sciences
Water Cycling in Subduction Zones:Conditions, Mechanisms, and Scales
Advisors: Donna Whitney and Christian Teyssier

Guosheng Fu
Superconvergent HDG Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Bernardo Cockburn

Ryan Goh
Pattern Formation in the Wake of External Mechanisms
Advisor: Arnd Scheel

Catherine Graeve
Environmental Health
Necessary Drugs, Unnecessary Consequences; an Intervention to Protect Oncology Healthcare Workers
Advisor: Patricia McGoveren

Tobias Gulden
Complex Geometry and Topology in Condensed Matter Physics
Advisor: Alex Kamenev

Ian Gunsolus
Informing Sustainable Nanomaterial Design by Identifying Patterns of Nanomaterial Behavior in the Environment
Advisor: Christy Haynes

Chao Guo
Computer Science
Indoor Localization and Mapping on Mobile Devices
Advisor: Stergios Roumeliotis

Yingchen He
Optimizing A Protocol for Reading Rehabilitation in Age-related Macular Degeneration
Advisors: Gordon Legge and Sheng He

Elizabeth Hoff
Child Psychology
How Children Learn from Others: Identifying Core Dimensions and Processes
Advisor: Melissa Koenig

Hyeryung Hwang
Thinking beyond Modernism: Peripheral Realism and the Ethics of Truth-Telling
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Jesse Izzo
War, Diplomacy, and Society in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, c.1250-1291
Advisor: Michael Lower

Zhe Jiang
Computer Science
Spatial Classification Techniques for Land Cover Mapping
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Annie Jollymore
Reading Racialized Citizenship: Discourses of Belonging and Citizenship in Three Civil Cases
Advisors: Lisa Sun-Hee Park and Cawo Abdi

Amanda Kalstabakken
Child Psychology
Measures of Executive Functioning in Early Childhood Screening
Advisor: Ann Masten

Brandi Kamermans
Earth Sciences
Characterizing Iron-rich Mineral Aggregates and Organic Complexes from Hydrothermal Vents to Determine the Bioavailability of Iron to the Surface Ocean
Advisor: Brandy Toner

Ashish Karn
Mechanical Engineering
Experimental Investigations into Underwater Ventilation Fluid Dynamics for Next-generation High-speed Underwater Vehicles and Hydroturbines
Advisors: Jiarong Hong and Roger Arndt

Anuj Karpatne
Computer Science
Building Predictive Models for Noisy and Heterogeneous Data: An Application in Global Monitoring of Inland Water Dynamics
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Joseph Kaser
Risk and Efficacy in Arthropod Biological Control
Advisor: George Heimpel

Bruce Kennedy
Role of Microglia TLRs in Cellular and Behavioral Responses to Opiate Withdrawal
Advisor: Jonathan Gewirtz

Rachit Khare
Chemical Engineering
The Mechanism of Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Conversion
Advisor: Aditya Bhan

Chang Hyun Kim
Chemical Engineering
Field-Effect Controlled Electrochemical Phenomena on Ultrathin Semiconductors
Advisor: C. Daniel Frisbie

Lauren Klaffke
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Medicating the Corporate Soul: Employee Relations, Public Relations, and Philanthropy in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1930 - 1980
Advisor: Dominique Tobbell

Margarita Kompelmakher
Theatre Arts
Body Politics: Performing Rights in Theater Practice in Post-Soviet Belarus
Advisors: Michal Kobialka and Diyah Larasati

Thomas Kono
Applied Plant Sciences
The Role of Deleterious Substitutions in Crop Genomes
Advisors: Peter Morrell and Robert Stupar

Petra Kranzfelder
From River to Sea: Consequences of Land Use on Midge Communities of Neotropical Estuaries in Costa Rica
Advisor: Leonard Ferrington Jr.

Jammi Ladwig
Archaeological Evidence of Past Wild Rice Use in Minnesota
Advisors: Katherine Hayes and Gilliane Monnier

Ashley Landers
Family Social Science
Behavioral Health Needs and Services of American Indian Children in Child Welfare
Advisor: Sharon Danes

Dominique LaSalle
Computer Science
Parallel Graph Algorithms for Multicore Architectures
Advisor: George Karypis

Jongwook Lee
Applied Economics
Essays on Childhood Education and Health in Developing Countries
Advisor: Paul Glewwe

Elisabeth Lefebvre
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Producing the 'Education African Child' in Colonial Uganda, 1877-1963
Advisor: Frances Vavrus

Jessica Lehman
Planetary Sea: Oceanography and the Making of the World Ocean
Advisor: Bruce Braun

Tuoqi Li
Materials Science and Engineering
Microstructure and Performance of Block Copolymer Toughened Brittle Plastics
Advisors: Lorraine Francis and Frank Bates

Yangmu Li
Neutron Scattering, MuSR and Transport Studies of Lamellar Copper-oxide Superconductors
Advisor: Martin Greven

Chay Ngee Lim
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Application of Quantitative Pharmacological Modeling to Improve Neurological Drug Therapy in Older Adults
Advisor: Angela Birnbaum

Yi-Wei Lin
Reducing RIP140 Contributes to Ameliorating Metabolic and Inflammatory Disorders
Advisor: Li-Na Wei

Chang Liu
Novel Insights into the Roles of Cell-surface Proteins in Virus Infection and Cancer
Advisor: Fang Li

Meryl Lodge
Performances of Privilege: The Practice of Politics in South African Ballet
Advisors: Ramah McKay and Hoon Song

Grace Loppnow
Conservation Biology
Induced Nest Failure as a Mechanism for Controlling Invasive Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu) and Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides) Bass
Advisor: Paul Venturelli

Vai Lor
Plant Biological Sciences
Investigating the Function of Genes that Control the Stature of Tomato Plants
Advisor: Neil Olszewski

Jennifer Lueck
Mass Communication
Improving Health Messages to Increase Help Seeking among College Students Suffering from Depressive Symptomatology: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Advisor: Marco Yzer

Matthew Luttig
Political Science
Group-Centrism and the Origins of Partisan Strength and Rigidity in American Politics
Advisor: Howard Lavine

Rebecca Mackenzie
Understanding Intermolecular Attraction: Fundamental Science and Environmental Applications
Advisor: Kenneth Leopold

Tara Mader
Rehabilitation Science
Estrogens Modulate the Response to Oxidative Stress in Skeletal Muscle through Up-regulation of Antioxidant Enzymes
Advisor: Dawn Lowe

Mohammad Mohsen Mahmoodi
Development of light-activatable thiol containing peptides and biomolecules
Advisor: Mark Distefano

Jason Massey
Pattern and timing of growth and development in populations of Gorilla and Pan
Advisors: Martha Tappen and Michael Wilson

Jessica Mathiason
Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society
Engineering Kinship: Genetic Technologies, Economic Speculation, and the Queer Body
Advisor: Keya Ganguly

Hesham Mekky
Computer Science
Protecting Internet Users from Malicious Activity via a Data-driven Approach
Advisor: Zhi-li Zhang

Juraj Mesik
Learning to adapt in the early visual system
Advisors: Stephen Engel and Sheng He

Vivek Mishra
Electrical Engineering
Electromigration-Aware Interconnect Design for Integrated Circuits
Advisor: Sachin Sapatnekar

Bozena Morawski
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Soil Transmitted Helminths: Measuring the Systematic Effects of Co-Infection in a Low Resource Context
Advisors: David Boulware and Claudia Munoz-Zanzi

Ekaterina Morgounova
Biomedical Engineering
In vivo detection of cancer cells by photoacoustic lifetime imaging
Advisor: Shai Ashkenazi

Baris Mutlu
Mechanical Engineering
Development of a Silica Gel Encapsulated Cell Bioremediation System for Water Treatment
Advisor: Alptekin Aksan

Kelly Nail
Conservation Biology
Conservation in a changing world: Survival of immature monarchs mediated through temperature effects
Advisor: Karen Oberhauser

Alireza Nojavan
Civil Engineering
Seismic Performance of Large Scale Reinforced Concrete Columns
Advisor: Arturo Schultz

Ernesto Nunes
Computer Science
Multi-robot Auctions for Allocation of Tasks with Temporal Constraints
Advisor: Maria Gini

Kathryn O'Brien
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Remembering to Remember: Metamemory Judgments of  Prospective Memory after Traumatic Brain Injury
Advisor: Mary Kennedy

Shani Ofrat
Familial Transmission of Externalizing Psychopathology
Advisor: Robert Krueger

Allison Page
Communication Studies
Pedagogies of Slavery: Race, Media, and Citizenship
Advisor: Laurie Ouellette

Sharon Park
Constructing Americans' Responsibility to Give: US Foreign & Humanitarian Aid to Child Refugees, 1953-1989
Advisors: Elaine May and Lary May

Karen Parrish
Delivery and Efficacy of Cdk4/6 Inhibitors in the Treatment of Brain Tumors
Advisor: William Elmquist

Dayne Plemmons
Chemical Engineering
Control and Characterization of Thermal Energy Transport in Nanostructured Thin Films via Ultrafast Electron Microscopy
Advisor: David Flannigan

Kathryn Pollock
Biomedical Engineering
Optimization of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Freezing in the absence of DMSO
Advisor: Allison Hubel

Savio Poovathingal
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
High-Fidelity Modeling of Heat Shields for Hypersonic Vehicles
Advisor: Thomas Schwartzentruber

John Powers
Criteria of Characterizational Adequacy and Philosophy of Science
Advisor: Alan Love

Allison Prasch
Communication Studies
The Significance of Place in U.S. Presidential Public Address
Advisor: Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

Lisiane Pruinelli
Clustering Predictors of Liver Transplant Survival
Advisors: Bonnie Westra and Karen Monsen

Maya Raghunandan
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Novel caretaker roles of Fanconi Anemia proteins in the maintenance of genomic stability
Advisor: Alex Sobeck

Mustafijur Rahman
Electrical Engineering
Design of Ultra Low Power Integrated Radios
Advisor: Ramesh Harjani

Neel Rangnekar
Chemical Engineering
Ultra-thin zeolite films for membrane applications
Advisor: Michael Tsapatsis

María Rebolleda-Gómez
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Idiosyncratic Individuality: Ecological and evolutionary consequences of  experimental evolution of multicellularity
Advisor: Michael Travisano

Leah Reinert
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Silent Strategy: Women Faculty and the Academic Profession
Advisor: Rebecca Ropers-Huilman

Brandon Rogers
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
Prosodic Variation and its Implications: Chilean Intonational Plateaus
Advisor: Timothy Face

Ashish Kumar Sahoo
Electrical Engineering
Modular Multilevel Converter based Power Electronic Transformers for Grid-Integration of Renewables and Motor Drives
Advisor: Ned Mohan

Jim Saliba
Power, Race, and Equity: Governance Structure Change, Segregation, and K-12 Education Opportunity in the United States
Advisors: Ron Aminzade and John (Rob) Warren

Deborah Schneiderman
Sustainable Block Polymers by Design
Advisor: Marc Hillmyer

Max Schuchard
Computer Science
Adversarially Induced BGP Instability: Causes, Consequences, and Countermeasures
Advisor: Nicholas Hopper

Lorraine Scotson
Conservation Biology
Distribution, ecology, and conservation of bears in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and a forecast for bears in Southeast Asia
Advisor: David Garshelis

Deepashree Sengupta
Electrical Engineering
Managing the Tradeoff between Error and Power Dissipation in Digital Circuits
Advisor: Sachin Sapatnekar

Boyoung Seo
The Effects of Privatization on Society: The Case of the Liquor Market in Washington
Advisor: Amil Petrin

Qianhui Shi
Magnetotransport in high-mobility two-dimensional systems
Advisor: Michael Zudov

Katie Sisneros
The Ottoman Empire in Seventeenth-Century English Popular Literature
Advisor: Nabil Matar

Luke Stanke
Educational Psychology
Modeling Item Features that Characterize Measurement Bias
Advisor: Michael Rodriguez

Elizabeth Steinert
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Quantifying memory CD8 T cell distribution, migration, and subsets
Advisor: David Masopust

Becky Strauss
Earth Sciences
Multi-Technique  Characterization  of  Novel  Magnetic  Recorders
Advisors: Joshua Feinberg and Bruce Moskowitz

Jennifer Strehlau
Contaminant degradation by iron oxide nanoparticles in complex environmental  systems
Advisors: Lee Penn and Bill Arnold

Maggie Struck
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
(Re) Envisioning the Civic: Youth Making Meaning within a Civic Technology Project
Advisor: Cynthia Lewis

Jayne Swift
Feminist Studies
Lusty Ladies: A History of Sex Worker Counterpublics, Activism, and Thought
Advisor: Regina Kunzel

Yi-Shu Tai
Chemical Engineering
Engineered Biosynthesis of Medium-chain Esters as Advanced Biofuels
Advisor: Kechun Zhang

Jeffrey Ting
Chemical Engineering
Design of Tunable Polymers as Excipients for Oral Drug Delivery
Advisors: Frank Bates and Theresa Reineke

Andrea Truitt
Art History
Experiencing the Otherworldly: Magazine Reading and Illustrations of Orientalist Domestic Space in the United States, 1800-1920
Advisors: Jennifer Marshall and Katherine Solomonson

Martin Van Boekel
Educational Psychology
Does the author matter?: An investigation of learning when reading refutation texts
Advisors: Sashank Varma and Geoffrey Maruyama

Jyotika Varshney
Veterinary Medicine
Role of miR-17-92 cluster in development and progression of osteosarcoma
Advisors: David Largaespada and Subbaya Subramanian

Xiong Wang
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences
Immunological selection as a driver of PRRSV evolution
Advisor: Michael Murtaugh

Amanda Waters
Plant Biological Sciences
Utilizing differential gene expression to characterize regulation patterns in maize
Advisor: Nathan Springer

Laura Williams
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Scaling the effects of interactions among plants from individuals to   ecosystems in experimental tree communities
Advisors: Peter Reich and Jeannine Cavender-Bares

Elizabeth Williams
White Man's Country?: Discourses of Race and Sexuality in Colonial Kenya, 1900-1960
Advisors: Anna Clark and Patricia Lorcin

Michael Wilmot
A Comprehensive Review of Five Factor Model Meta-Analyses in the Behavioral Sciences
Advisor: Deniz Ones

Zaw Win
Biomedical Engineering
Nonlinear Anisotropic Properties of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Advisor: Patrick Alford

Andrea Wolf
Integrated Biosciences
D-beta-hydroxybutyrate and Melatonin as a Novel Treatment for Hemorrhagic Shock
Advisor: Gregory Beilman

Guanda Wu
Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media
Epoch-Making Female Impersonators, Gender Plasticity, and the Dichotomization of “Artistic” Femininity versus “Natural” Masculinity from China’s Republican Era to the Early PRC Years (1912-1960s)
Advisors: Jason McGrath and Maki Isaka

Katherine Wyman
Conservation Biology
Dynamic populations, dynamic landscapes: conservation science case studies of colonial waterbirds in the North American Great Lakes
Advisor: Francesca Cuthbert

Leiyu Xie
Unemployment Insurance during the Great Recession
Advisor: Jose Victor Rios-Rull

Tingting Xu
Electrical Engineering
Biomarker Discovery for Mental Disorders from Neuroimaging Data
Advisor: Keshab Parhi

Peng Xu
Materials Science and Engineering
Development of atomic layer control synthesis of new material for electronic applications
Advisor: Bharat Jalan

Shan Ye
Feminist Studies
Constructing "Queer China": Affect, Oppression, and Transnational LGBT Politics
Advisor: Jigna Desai

Nathan Youngblood
Electrical Engineering
Application of Two Dimensional Materials for Integrated Broadband Optoelectronics
Advisor: Mo Li

Lingtao Yu
Business Administration
Some Things, if not All Things, Are about Change--A Time-based Theory of Abusive Supervision
Advisor: Michelle Duffy

Haoyu Yu
Developing New Density Functionals for Chemistry and Physics
Advisor: Donald Truhlar

Pei-Cheng Yu
Paternalism: An Assessment
Advisor: David Rahman

Armin Zare
Electrical Engineering
Modeling and control of turbulent flows for increased energy efficiency of vehicles and wind turbines
Advisor: Mihailo Jovanovic

Adam Zarth
Medicinal Chemistry
Analyses of the Metabolic Activation and Detoxification or DNA Damage of the Human Carcinogens Benzene and N’-­Nitrosonornicotine
Advisor: Stephen Hecht

Zhou Zhang
Earth Sciences
The system iron-nickel-sulfur-carbon at high pressure, with applications to Earth's mantle
Advisor: Marc Hirschmann

Hong Zhao
Detecting Inconsistency and Using Non-randomized Studies in Research Synthesis
Advisor: Brad Carlin