2013-14 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

Gwendolyn Anderson
Social Work
How do Contextual Factors and Family Support Influence Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse During Forensic Interviews and Service Outcomes in Child Protection Cases?
Advisor: Elizabeth Lightfoot

Gowtham Atluri
Computer Science
Mining Relationships in fMRI Data
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Nicholas Baltes
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
Development of Viral Replicons for Genome Editing in Plants
Advisor: Dan Voytas

Adrienne Banny
Child Psychology
The Impact of Child Maltreatment on the Development of Peer Relationships: Examining the Roles of Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior
Advisor: Dante Cicchetti

Sean Bartz
Meson Spectra and Thermodynamics of a Three-Field AdS/QCD Model
Advisor: Joseph Kapusta

William Bausman
Neutral Theory, Biased World
Advisor: C Kenneth Waters

Myrl Beam
American Studies
Community, Compassion, and Capital: Neoliberalism and the Non-Profitization of Queer Social Movements
Co-advisors: Kevin Murphy and Teresa Gowan

Joseph Belanto
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
Differential Interaction of Dystrophin and Utrophin with Microtubules
Advisor: Jim Ervasti

Devarati Bhattacharya
Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Conceptualizing In-service Secondary School Science Teachers' Knowledge Base for Promoting Understanding about the Science of Global Climate Change
Advisor: Gillian Roehrig

Matthew Burgess
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Simple Solutions to Complex Problems in Fisheries
Co-advisors: David Tilman and Steven Polasky

Rachel Burns
Can We Pay People to Act in a Healthy Manner? Testing When And Why Incentive-based Intervention Strategies are Effective in Changing Health Behavior
Advisor: Alexander Rothman

Jose Causadias
Child Psychology
Understanding the Processes and the Consequences of Immigration
Co-advisors: Dante Cicchetti and L. Alan Sroufe

John Chan
Death and Axes: New Drugs for Schistosomiasis by Studying Planarian Regeneration
Advisor: Jonathan Marchant

Marnie Christensen
Germanic Studies
Spaces and Contexts: Encountering Charlotte Salomon
Advisor: Leslie Morris

Matthew Clark
Applied Plant Sciences
Characterizing the Host Response and Genetic Control of Resistance in 'Honeycrisp' to Apple Scab (Venturia inaequalis)
Co-advisors: James Luby and James Bradeen

Brooke Coe
Political Science
Sovereignty Regimes and the Norm of Non-interference in the Global South: Explaining Regional and Temporal Variation
Advisor: Kathryn Sikkink

Megan Corbin
Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics
Haunted Objects: Spectral Testimony in the Southern Cone Post-dictatorship
Advisor: Ana Forcinito

Michael Crandol
Asian Literatures, Cultures & Media
Nightmares from the Past: Nakagawa Nobuo and the Dawn of Japanese Horror Cinema
Advisor: Christine Marran

Miranda Curzon
Natural Resources Science & Management
Productivity and Understory Community Dynamics along a Gradient of Biomass Harvest Disturbance In Aspen-dominated Forests
Advisor: Anthony D'Amato

Xin Dai
Business Administration
Did Regulation Fair Disclosure Reduce Institutional Investors' Ability to Mimic Profitable Insider Trades?
Advisor: Pervin Shroff

Timothy Delbridge
Applied Economics
Economics of Organic Farm Production: Three Essays on Profitability and Transition
Advisor: Robert King

Alexandre Depouhon
Civil Engineering
Multiscale Modeling of Down-the-hole Percussive Drilling
Co-advisors: Emmanuel Detournay and Vincent Denoel

Sanjoy Dey
Computer Science
Integrating Different Types of Data for Biomarker Discovery
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Delford Doherty
Social & Administrative Pharmacy
Non-Deemed Low Income Subsidy: An Evaluation of Expenditure, Utilization & Health Outcomes
Advisor: Ronald Hadsall

Sarit Dutta
Chemical Engineering
Dynamics of Flowing Polymer Solutions Near Solid Surfaces
Co-advisors: Kevin Dorfman and Satish Kumar

Patrick Dwyer
Gratitude as Persuasion: Understanding When and Why Gratitude Expressions Facilitate and Inhibit Compliance
Co-advisors: Mark Snyder and Alexander Rothman

Mohammad Elbadry
Electrical Engineering
Low-power, High-bandwidth Wireless Transceivers
Advisor: Ramesh Harjani

Daniel Endean
Observations of Magnetic Noise in Sub-micron Permalloy Dots
Advisor: E. Dan Dahlberg

Katherine Erdman
Engaging the Supernatural: Communication and Practice in a Fluid Environment
Advisor: Peter Wells

Wen Fan
Children of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: Disrupted Education, Send-down Experience and Midlife Health
Advisor: Phyllis Moen

Zhou Fang
Plant Biological Sciences
The Adaptive Role of Genetic Variations In Crop Wild Relatives
Advisor: Peter Morrell

Jennifer Fillo
Attachment Orientations and the Emotion-regulation Process: Individual Differences, Developmental Antecedents and Long-term Consequences
Co-advisors: Jeffry Simpson and Alexander Rothman

Jason Foss
Integrative Biology & Physiology
Defining the Role of the Renal Nerves in Hypertension
Advisor: John Osborn

Joshua Friell
Applied Plant Sciences
Development of Optimized Turfgrass Species Mixtures for Roadsides
Co-advisors: Brian Horgan and Eric Watkins

Adam Gladen
Mechanical Engineering
Examination of Thermotropic Polymers for Use as Overheat Protection in Glazed Polymer Solar Thermal Collectors
Co-advisors: Susan Mantell and Jane Davidson

Michael Goblirsch
The Effects of the Emerging Fungal Pathogen, Nosema ceranae, on Honey Bee Health
Advisor: Marla Spivak

Kyle Green
The Allure of Mixed Martial Arts: Meaning Making, Masculinity and Embodiment in Suburbia
Advisor: Douglas Hartmann

Andrea Hanson
Animal Sciences
Effects of Dietary Peroxidized Lipids on the Growth Performance and Metabolic Oxidation Status of Nursery Pigs
Advisor: Gerald Shurson

Melissa Hatmaker
American Studies
Flooded in Sludge, Fueling the Nation: Generating Power, Waste and Change in East Tennessee
Advisor: Hoon Song

John Haugner
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Development of Artificial Enzymes through in vitro Evolution
Advisor: Burckhard Seelig

Melissa Heer
Art History
Performance Art and Public Engagement in India at the Regional Arts Performance and Events Gathering in Guwahati, Assam
Advisor: Jane Blocker

Florence Honore
Business Administration
Founders' Knowledge and Team Formation in Technological Spin-outs: A Two-sided Matching Approach
Co-advisors: Harry Sapienza and Martin Ganco

Lu Hu
Land & Atmospheric Science
Constraints on Regional Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds from Tall Tower Measurements in the US Upper Midwest
Advisor: Dylan Millet

Shan Hu
Mechanical Engineering
Carbon Nanotube-based Self-powered Active Noise Control Window
Advisor: Rajesh Rajamani

Bret Jackson
Computer Science
Spatial Human-computer Interaction Techniques for Visualization and Design
Advisor: Daniel Keefe

Britnie James
Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology
Mechanisms of Immunotherapy Efficacy for the Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in Lean and Obese Hosts
Advisor: Thomas Griffith

Kirsten Jenkins
Fossil Site Formation Processes on Rusinga Island, Kenya: Understanding the Ecological Niches of Our Earliest Ape Ancestors and Early Modern Humans
Co-advisors: Martha Tappen and Kieran McNulty

Melissa Johnson
Chemical Engineering
The Synthesis and Characterization of Thin Film Cu2ZnSnS4 for Solar Cell Applications
Advisor: Eray Aydil

Timothy Johnson
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Metallic Nanostructures for Plasmonic Nanofocusing
Advisor: Sang-Hyun Oh

Kimi Johnson
Theatre Arts
Identity and Warcraft: The Role of Racial Performance in Crafting the Virtual Citizen
Advisor: Margaret Werry

Ryan Johnson
Enemies of the State: Knowing, Producing and Policing Anarchism in the Making of the Modern American National Security State, 1901-1921
Co-advisors: Barbara Welke and Kevin Murphy

Chaitanya Kalavagunta
Biophysical Sciences & Medical Physics
Multi-parametric MR and Digital Pathology of Prostate Cancer: An Image Registration-based Correlation Study
Advisor: Gregory Metzger

Aunica Kane
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Synthetic Ecology: Engineering Electron Transfer between Shewanella and Geobacter
Advisor: Jeff Gralnick

Daniel Karls
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Model Transferability and the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models
Co-advisors: Ryan Elliott and Ellad Tadmor

Garrett Karrberg
Representing Afghanistan: Knowledge, Failure and the First Anglo-Afghan War
Advisor: Anna Clark

Soyoon Kim
Mass Communication
Challenging Bipolarity in Persuasive Health Communication: The Role of Different Activation Patterns of Avoidance-approach Motivations in the Explanation of Health Message Effects
Advisor: Marco Yzer

Garnet Kindervater
Political Science
Politics of the Highly Improbable: Anticipation, Catastrophe, Security
Advisor: Raymond Duvall

Katharine Kindervater
War at a Distance: Drones and the Geo-history of Modern War
Advisor: Eric Sheppard

Rebecca Klank
Biomedical Engineering
Investigating the Influence of Brain Microenvironment on the Invasive Behavior of Cancerous Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells
Advisor: David Odde

Todd Klein
Electrical Engineering
Development of Spintronic Biosensors for Early Disease Detection
Advisor: Jian-Ping Wang

Khushboo Kothari
Role of Molecular Mobility and Polymer Properties on the Physical Stability of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals
Advisor: Raj Suryanarayanan

Scott Kronholm
Water Resources Science
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Nitrate Concentration in Diverse Agricultural Streams
Advisor: Paul Capel

Brittany Kruger
Water Resources Science
Using Radiocarbon and Stable Isotopes to Understand the Sources and Cycling of Carbon Inputs to Large Lakes
Co-advisors: Josef Werne and Elizabeth Minor

Danielle Kuntz
Totally Lacking Oratorios and Appropriate Musics for that Time: Patronage of Sacred Dramatic Music by the Portuguese Court (1707-1807)
Advisor: Kelley Harness

June-Yong Lee
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
Critical Function of Homeostatic Memory CD8 T Cells in Pre-immune Resistance against Pathogens
Advisor: Steve Jameson

Rachel Levine
Chemical Engineering
Peptide-targeted Lipsomal Gene Delivery for Cancer Therapy
Advisor: Efrosini Kokkoli

Huan Li
Electrical Engineering
Opto-mechanical Dynamics in Integrated Silicon Photonics
Advisor: Mo Li

Wenjie Liao
Remembering the Faces of Law: Engaging the Law through Constructing the Past in Transitional China
Co-advisors: Elizabeth Boyle and Joachim Savelsberg

F. Adhika Lie
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
A Synthetic Airdata System
Advisor: Demoz Gebre-Egziabher

Jiaen Liu
Biomedical Engineering
In vivo Imaging of Electrical Properties of the Human Body Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Advisor: Bin He

Feilong Liu
Electrical Engineering
Model Development for Organic Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices
Advisor: P. Paul Ruden

Bernabe Lopez Martin
Essays on Firm Dynamics and Development
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Brian Lozenski
Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Pedagogy in Action: Exploring the Development of Critical Repertoires of Practice among Youth of African Descent
Advisor: Bic Ngo

Yunfeng Lu
Biomedical Engineering
Noninvasive Neuroimaging of High Frequency Brain Activity in Focal Epilepsy Patients
Advisor: Bin He

Annette McCoy
Comparative & Molecular Biosciences
Investigation of Genetic Risk Factors for Hock Osteochondrosis in Standardbreds
Co-advisors: Molly McCue and Troy Trumble

Caitlin McHugh
The Afterlife of Shakespeare's Tragedies, 1600-1700
Co-advisors: Katherine Scheil and John Watkins

Shannon McManimon
Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Practicing Blurred Translating: Stories of Pedagogy in Three Movements
Advisor: Timothy Lensmire

Pavani Medapuram
Chemical Engineering
Phase Transitions and Corresponding States in Diblock Copolymer Melts
Advisor: David Morse

Omar Mehanna
Electrical Engineering
Frugal Sensing: Wideband Power Spectrum Sensing From A Few Bits
Co-advisors: Nikolaos Sidiropoulos and Georgios Giannakis

Jingjing Meng
Mechanisms Underlying Morphine Modulation of Gut Epithelial Barrier Function
Advisor: Sabita Roy

Stephen Menke
Materials Science & Engineering
Engineering Energy Flow at the Nano-scale for Efficient Organic Solar Cells
Advisor: Russell Holmes

Varun Mithal
Computer Science
Event Detection in Spatio-temporal Data: Application in Land Surface Monitoring
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Emily Mohl
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Plant Defense in a Multitrophic Context: Conditions for a Tradeoff between Direct and Indirect Defenses
Advisor: George Heimpel

Avery Musbach
Computer Science
Computer Aided Design of Multiscale Optical Material
Advisor: Gary Meyer

Jessica Nickrand
History of Science, Technology & Medicine
Health in the Model City: The Social Costs of Deindustrialization, 1946-1993
Coadvisors: Jennifer Gunn and Dominique Tobbell

Ilia Nikiforov
Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale Mechanics of Helical and Angular Structures: Exploring and Expanding the Capabilities of Objective Molecular Dynamics
Advisor: Traian Dumitrica

Lin Niu
Immunostimulatory Nanoparticle Facilitated In Situ Generation of Whole Tumor Cell Vaccine against Melanoma in Combination with BRAF V600E Mutant Targeted Therapy
Advisor: Jayanth Panyam

Tambe Norbert
Search for New Massive Long-lived Neutral Particles Decaying to Photons in pp Collisions At Sqrt(S) = 8TeV
Advisor: Yuichi Kubota

Steven Nydick
Multidimensional Mastery Testing with CAT
Advisor: Niels Waller

Hollie Nyseth Brehm
Conditions and Courses of Genocide
Co-advisors: Elizabeth Boyle and Joachim Savelsberg

Lisa O'Bryan
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Food-associated Calling and the Coordination of Chimpanzee Foraging Decisions
Advisor: Michael Wilson

Dev Oliver
Computer Science
Spatial Network Activity Summarization for Disaster Response
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Igor Ostanin
Civil Engineering
Distinct Element Method for Modeling the Mechanics of Carbon Nanotube Materials
Co-advisors: Roberto Ballarini and Traian Dumitrica

Karla Padrón
American Studies
Legal Injuries: Deportability and US Immigration Policy in the Lives of Transgender Latina Immigrants
Co-advisors: Eden Torres and Bianet Castellanos

Meghann Peace
Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics
That was the goal … for her to understand: Spanish Anaphora In L2 Speech
Co-advisors: Francisco Ocampo and Elaine Tarone

Hung Pham
Computer Science
Abstractions for Verification of Recursive Programs
Co-advisors: Mats Heimdahl and Michael Whalen

Katie Phillips
Romance that's writ in the sand: The Politics Of Place, Performance and Memory in American Indian Historical Pageantry
Advisor: Jean O'Brien

Bryan Poling
On Exploiting Dimensionality Constraints to Perform Joint Segmentation and Tracking In Motion Video
Advisor: Gilad Lerman

Timothy Polnaszek
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Honesty, Deception and the Economics of Communication
Advisor: David Stephens

Makenzie Provorse
Unraveling Free Radical Transport in Ribonucleotide Reductase
Advisor: Jiali Gao

Chao Qi
Earth Sciences
An Investigation of Viscosity in Partially Molten Rocks via the Development of Pressure Shadows
Advisor: David Kohlstedt

Zhenpeng Qin
Mechanical Engineering
Improving Infectious Disease Diagnosis by Laser Induced Gold Nanoparticle Heating: Thermal Contrast in Lateral Flow Assays
Co-advisors: John Bischof and David Boulware

Kenneth Raby
Child Psychology
Developmental and Relationship Perspectives On Adults’ Physiological Responses during Romantic Relationship Interactions
Co-advisors: W. Andrew Collins and Glenn Roisman

Jonathan Rawson
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
Investigation of the Mechanisms of Retrovirus Assembly and Mutagenesis
Advisor: Louis Mansky

Meisam Razaviyayn
Electrical Engineering
Transceiver Design, Base Station Association and User Scheduling in Modern Cellular Networks
Advisor: Zhi-Quan Luo

Molla Reda
Political Science
The Wartime Basis of Postwar Political Development: Civil War, Resource Rents and Post-conflict State-building
Advisor: Ronald Krebs

Gregory Rohde
Activation of Oxygen at Diiron Model Centers and Properties Contributing to Their Reactivity
Advisor: Lawrence Que, Jr.

Subhrajit Roychowdhury
Electrical Engineering
High Bandwidth Instrumentation and Optimal Strategies for Nano-interrogation
Advisor: Murti Salapaka

Paul Rudd
Stabilizing Metal-alanes and Metal-metal Multiple Bonds to Effect Small Molecule Transformations
Advisor: Connie Lu

Stephen Rudisill
Synthetic Routes to Tailored Nanostructure via Solution-phase Self Assembly
Advisor: Andreas Stein

Katrina Schrode
Neural Mechanisms of Auditory Grouping in a Non-mammalian Species
Advisor: Mark Bee

Marta Shaw
Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development
Switchmen of Reform: Conflicting Conceptions of Governance in Polish Higher Education
Advisor: David Chapman

Patrick Smadbeck
Chemical Engineering
Novel Mathematical Simulation and Model Design for Synthetic Gene Networks
Advisor: Yiannis Kaznessis

Kari Smalkoski
Family Social Science
Performing Masculinities: The Impact of Cultural Practices, Racialization and Space on Hmong Male Immigrant Youth and Their Families
Co-advisors: Zha Blong Xiong and Catherine Solheim

Zewei Song
Natural Resources Science & Management
Warfare on Wood: Competition among Wood-degrading Fungi and the Global Consequences
Advisor: Jonathan Schilling

M. Amin Tadayon
Biomedical Engineering
Optical Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers: A New Approach for High Resolution Ultrasound Imaging
Advisor: Shai Ashkenazi

Saber Taghvaeeyan
Mechanical Engineering
Exploiting Inherent Magnetic Signatures of Ferrous Metallic Objects for Detection, Identification and Position Measurement Applications
Advisor: Rajesh Rajamani

Kristina Tank
Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Measuring Student Learning and Teacher Attitude through the Integration of Science, Engineering and Literature
Co-advisors: Bhaskar Upadhyay and Tamara Moore

Stephen Tereniak
Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Bimetallic Compounds with First-row Transition Metals
Advisor: Connie Lu

Henry Thomson
Political Science
Food and Power: Agricultural Policy and the Survival of Authoritarian Regimes
Advisor: John Freeman

Corbin Treacy
Aesthetics and Aftermath: Algeria 1962-2012
Co-advisors: Hakim Abderrezak and Christophe Wall-Romana

Douglas Tree
Chemical Engineering
DNA Confined in a Nanochannel
Advisor: Kevin Dorfman

Timothy Uy
Essays on International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Laura Vietti
Earth Sciences
Putting Microbes to Work: An Experimental Approach to Investigating the Effects of Microbial Activity on the Marine Vertebrate Fossil Record
Co-advisors: David Fox and Jake Bailey

Ramjay Visweswaran
Biomedical Engineering
Tale of Two Phases of Electromechanical Alternans
Advisor: Alena Talkachova

Elias Vitulli
American Studies
Carceral Nonconformities: The US Prison System, Gender Normativity and the Gender Deviant Subject
Advisor: Regina Kunzel

Kelly Volp
Total Synthesis of Sorbicillactone A and Development of Chiral Aryl Iodide Catalysts for Oxidative Dearomatization Reactions
Advisor: Andrew Harned

Andrea Waddle
Essays In Globalization
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Yen-Chih Wang
Synthesis and Evaluation of C-Terminal Peptide Libraries for Studying the Specificity of Protein Prenylation
Advisor: Mark Distefano

Huahua Wang
Computer Science
Large Scale Optimization for Machine Learning
Advisor: Arindam Banerjee

Lance Wheeler
Mechanical Engineering
Colloidal Group IV Nanocrystals Engineered for Photovoltaics
Advisor: Uwe Kortshagen

Anduin Wilhide
The Public History of Somali Migration to Minnesota
Co-advisors: Donna Gabaccia and Kevin Murphy

Christy Willoughby
The Effect of Neurotrophic Factors on Ocular Motor System Plasticity: A Potential Treatment for Strabismus
Advisor: Linda McLoon

Patrick Wilson
Selected Issues Related to Carbohydrate and Endurance Exercise Performance
Co-advisors: Stacy Ingraham and Li Li Ji

Brian Wilson
Divorcing Obligation and Ability
Co-advisors: Sarah Holtman and Roy Cook

Colleen Witzenburg
Mechanical Engineering
Extended Generalized Anisotropic Inverse Mechanics Method Applied to Cardiovascular Tissues
Advisor: Victor Barocas

Peter Wragg
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Interacting Drivers of Change in Grassland Plant Species Composition and Diversity
Advisor: David Tilman

Chien-Te Wu
Switching Effects in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Nanostructures
Advisor: Oriol Valls

Nicole Wydeven
Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibitory Signaling in the Heart and Brain
Advisor: Kevin Wickman

Jie Zhou
Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology
Mitigating Oxidative Stress in Childhood Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy (CCALD) - An Investigation of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) Pharmacology
Co-advisors: James Cloyd and Henning Schroeder

Peng Zhou
Plant Pathology
A Study on Defense-related Gene Families in the Model Legume Medicago truncatula: Computational Identification, Genomic Expansion and Structural Variation Analysis
Co-advisors: Nevin Young and Peter Tiffin

Yunzhang Zhu
Structural Pursuit over Multiple Undirected Graphs
Advisor: Xiaotong Shen

Xu Zou
Miniaturizable Ion-selective Electrode System: Solid Contact Electrode and Liquid Junction Free Reference Electrode
Advisor: Philippe Buhlmann

Zhili Zuo
Mechanical Engineering
Measurement and Filtration of Virus Aerosols
Co-advisors: Thomas Kuehn and David Pui