DDF Conference Presentation Grant

For 2016-17 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

  • Deadline: Noon, on the 5th of each month, September 2016 to May 2017
  • The final date to apply is May 5, 2017
  • For 2016-17 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows who have been accepted to present  their research at a national or international conference during tenure on the fellowship.  The grant provides a $600 stipend plus conference registration fee.


  • Must be a current 2016-17 Doctoral Dissertation Fellow during the month in which the request for funding is reviewed.
  • Must have confirmation of acceptance to present the dissertation research at a national or international conference and a copy of the paid registration receipt at the time of application.
  • Fellows may receive only one DDF Conference Presentation Grant.  All requests are subject to approval. 
  • Requests for summer 2017 are due by May 5th, noon, and must include all supporting documentation at the time of application in order to receive consideration for funding(All requests must be processed by the end of spring semester.)

Application Process

Please submit a single PDF file of your request to gsfellow@umn.edu

  • Include "DDF Conference Presentation Grant for YourName" in the subject line of your email.
A complete request includes:
  1. DDF Conference Grant Application signed by applicant and advisor 
    •  Cc the advisor when submitting if advisor name is typed rather than signed on application.
  2. a copy of the acceptance notice to present your work, and
  3. a receipt for conference registration.

Review Process

Reviews take place on the 5th of each month, beginning September 5, 2016 and ending on May 5, 2017.  All application requests received by noon on the 5th will be included in that month’s review.  Applications received after noon on the 5th will be considered along with the following month’s submissions.  For months when the 5th falls on a weekend, the effective deadline becomes noon the following Monday.  Funding requests can be considered retroactively for a conference already attended (but not occurring prior to August 1, 2016). 

Notification of the outcome will be sent by email within five business days of the monthly review date. 

For questions about the application or terms of this grant, please contact the Graduate School Fellowship Office, gsfellow@umn.edu, or call Paula Baker, 612-626-1246.

Award Details

The grant will provide reimbursement of the registration fee and a $600 stipend for use towards presenting at a national or international conference.  Registration fees that cover the cost of additional expenses (such as lodging, extra meals, or optional field trips) may result in a reduced stipend level.  Requests for conferences that take place in the Twin Cities metropolitan area will only receive reimbursement of the conference registration fee (no additional stipend). 

Funds from this grant may not duplicate another award received for the same purpose.  However, expenses beyond the registration fee and $600 may be covered by additional awards.  The recipient agrees to submit a brief report confirming conference presentation within one month after attendance (sent to gsfellow@umn.edu).